What about power cords to mate Krell 650MC amps?

I bought a pair of Krell 650MC high-current amps.Could you advise what power cords to mate the pair of amps?
Thanks in advance.

System:Audio Research CDT1 transport---Tara Labs The One digital cable 1m XLR---Audior esearch DAC3---Tara Labs The One interconnect 1m XLR---Audio Research ReferenceII MkII---Tara Labs The One interconnect 2m XLR--- a pair of Krell 650MC amps--- home-made speaker wires 8'---Speakers:Duntech Sovereign 2001
Congrats on your new amps!

Tough one, because cables are such a personal choice. Depending on system synergy and personal musical taste.

All that being said, I'm really enjoying the pair of Virtual Dynamics Master's on my high current amp.

I tried a Virtual Dynamics Master powercord with each of my components in turn (including my Krell amp).

The best improvement was with my processor, a slight improvement in the sounds of my CD player, and to my ears - abolutely no difference to my Krell.

I am not bad mouthing the kit at all. I think the product is excellent, just that various kit will respond better than others to an improved power cable. Maybe the stock cables I have with the other two units are not as good as those provided by Krell? Perhaps front end of the system is more susceptible to interference?
If you can find a pair of the Pure Note Sigma PC's, your search will be over. I use them on my Krell FPB amps and the improvement was not slight.

I have an actively biamped system, and when I tried them, on just one, not only was the quality of that amp improved, but I had to turn up the crossover on the amp with the original cord. When I got the second Pure Note, I was able to put the balance back to normal.

You may have to wait to find them used, as they are no longer available new. Construction, and material costs went up too high to produce them.

You have great amps!

I have an older Krell. (KSA 250) After trying many cords, (including a Virtual Master ) I am using a Shunyata Anaconnda Alpha.
My Krell is on a dedicated 30 Amp line.
Nice Holiday present!
Don't waste you money on a speciality power cord for the Krell. It will make very little difference. Use the power cord that came with the amplifier.
I agree with Drrdiamond BUT,

I replaced my Pure Note Sigmas with their enhanced Paragon PC and realized better sonics on my Krell amps. I bought them on sale for $250, 2m.
Thank you for you all with advice of experience and wisdom.Thank you! Rick
I had a Krell FPB 600. The improvement in bass, & high frequency smoothness was amazing once I used a Elrod EPS 3S. It is the equivalent to doing a major equipment upgrade. I don't want it but once I had it I realize that I need it. I can't live without my Elrods for now.
I am currently auditioning the new line of Marigo power cords on my power conditioner and SS amp. After 3 weeks I can tell you, these are exceptional in their lowering of the "noise floor", and their hi-current capabilities. (music sounds more rounder, fuller, sweeter, yet micro and macro details are more enhanced. A good outlet from the wall should improve the Krells also. Marigo has a good audition policy.
I would second Elrod's cables. I have his Statements feeding both my McCormack DNA-500 amp and my power conditioner from the wall. The difference compared to other power cords I've tried was very noticeable. They just do everything "right" and are not leaving my system unless David Elrod comes up with something better in the future.

Once you have heard them, its hard to settle for anything else - I went from Signatures to Statements and although they cost more, they are probably among the handful of high-priced cords that are actually worth what they cost, IMHO. Since you have really good amps, I would at least hear them through the Signatures or Statements before you make your decision. Hope this helps.
I thoguht the power cords in the 650Mc amps were fixed, i.e. not changeable??
The power cord that came with the amp is as great as other expensive cords out there!. You already have so much power on your krell that you only need a great preamp to tame it. Recommending ML No. 380S. You will love this. Bottom line, use the cord that came with it.
I have replaced the stock power cable on my ksa 250 with a PS Audio Xtream Plus. I found the impovements in bass control and articulation worth the cost w/o any downside. The price if I remember correctly was less than $200 on sale.
I currently own a pair of Krell 650mc amps and found the BMI Cable Hammerhead Silver statements to be an incredible match. By far the most natural and highest resolution power cords I've listened to. And that includes the Purist , Shunyata and NBS models which I've owned.