What about Polk speakers?

I'm new in the home theater scene and haven't auditioned alot of highend speakers.Im currently using 2RT800's for the front and a CS1000p for the center channel and 2 POLK FX500's for the rear surrounds and a Sunfire Signature sub.I just ordered a MARANTZ SR18EX RECIEVER to replace my out dated Sony reciever.This system sound incredible!!!I now have got bitten by the dreadful upgrade bug!I love POLK speakers and am a big fan of them.What do you guys recommend for me to do now?Should I upgrade with better POLK fronts and rears?For the front's i've been looking at the RT3000's and for the rears the FX1000's.Will I notice a difference if I upgrade to these speakers.My den is 25x25.I hope you POLK fans that are out there can help me in any way.Thanks!!
Nothing against Polk, but there are a lot of good companies out there worth checking out. Don't be afraid to listen to a couple other systems besides polk's. I think you'll be impressed by what else is out there for the same amount of money.
If you're looking at Polk, the reviews of their new LSI line are very good. Do a search at


I've yet to see anyone say anything negative. But as always, go listen first.

Of course the downside is that the new tweeters will not match the other polks.

If you don't want to mess with that, then I'd get rid of the FX500's, and by FX1000's. I've always liked the way those sound. But what do I know...I have SDA CRS+'s for fronts and rears.
I am also a huge Polk fan. I have the SRT system. Polk in recent years has spread themselves thin trying to please all the different markets and quality has suffered. If you can afford the RT3000 you may as well look for a used SRT sytem for the same price, the SRT will blow away the RT3000. I had four RT800s and a CS400 prior to my SRTs. I loved my RT800s and sometimes wish I still had them. I dont know how much power you have but if you go 200watts or better they are incredible, they love power. You may also look at the Paradigm reference 100s, to my ear they are better than even the Polks and are very reasonable in price. I have heard them against the new Polks and there is no comparison, Paradigm 100s hands down. Just my .02
Find a used pair of the Polk 1.2TL's for the fronts. No sub needed as these go very very low. I sold mine a few years back and miss them very much searching for audio nirvava.