What about ESL and Omnidirectional?

Does anybody know of any manufacturers that produce Omni-directional or ESL drivers?

I sure see alot of Dynamic style speakers, a few small ribbon tweeters, but i cannot find any driver manufacturers that sell ESL or Omni-directional speakers.

just curious....
ESL = Soundlab,Martin Logan are 2
Omni = MBL
Aside from the MBL, the driver of the omnidirectional speakers of German Physiks is omnidirectional www.germanphysiks.com. Don't know whether they sell it independently from the speakers.
MBL and German Physiks are the only omni radiator driver manufacturers that I know of also. Of course we have many variations on this theme. The hybrid of electrostatic and dynamic arranged in an omnidirectional sphere was the nearly forgoten Cosmostatic loudspeaker. Then you have the Quad ESL that emmulates the sphere using time delay of concentric rings. Or perhaps the Soundlab electrostatic that is mostly a planar but shaped as a portion of a cylinder. And then you have my beloved Shahinians which are multiple dynamic drivers arranged to emmulate the sphere. In my opinion, Richard Shahinians approach is the best to date. You get the omni sound with killer dynamics.
What ofabout Ohms?
What about Ohms?
Ohm is still around, but I think they just sell direct.
Mirage has some new omni's out.
Muraudio has a omnidirectional ESL