What about dips in power???

I have read alot about clean power and I know that surge protectors will help guard against spikes and surges, but what about when the power dips. I know they can affect computers in adverse ways, but what about stereo components. I am more concerned with the cd player because of the moving parts and motor. Thanks.
This is the very reason that many people are going to such things as the PS Power Plant's and Monster power regulators. Both maintain steady voltages so long as power remains above a specific level. Obviously, there is a point that these devices will become non-linear, but this is well past the point that your equipment would have started to show signs of distress. Sean
Just when I was starting to get my gear paid down. Now I have to go out and buy a PS Power Plant, that's just great. (Just ribbing on you Sean :^)
use it for computer too!!! :^)