What about Cardas Cord?

I have a need for a long (10ft) power cord to replace the stock cord on my Creek 5350SE, and have found an Original (blue/green) Cardas Cord that long for sale. Is it a good PC? I don't see many references to "Cord" , but to Golden Reference, and others. Can anyone help me make a decision?
Thanks, Brad
You can get extended lengths of the Kaplan cords over at www.tweekgeek.com

Very nice cords for a reasonable price.
I bet that it nears the price of your amp wich already doesn't make a sence.
Make you own unless you're getting a really good deal on the Cardas.
The PC is not what Cardas is special for and yes much too much. Kaplan is not exactly inexpensive either.
Avoid cord that are blue lightening red thunder SE magneto, ultra, super , silver gold or rare earth, liquid, amorphous any named geometry or algebra and super. Be sure that the normal Shucko have rare rose bush burl wood caps. Oh and watchout for the air dielectric only they are shocking.
Find out which model it is. The models have varying characteristics. I've tried Golden Cross and Golden Reference power cords and their sonic signatures were similar to their speaker cables in my experience, with a lighter touch. Cardas overall has a rich family sound, beautiful but not the fastest or most detailed. Personally I like using it with solid state gear in particular but this is personal taste.
I agree with Art. I had the Golden Ref running a RSA Haley last year and also on a BAT amp with good results.
The Golden Reference power cable is a nice all around cable. I played with a couple in my system with good results. They do have the house style sound but it is not too much in my personal experience. I like Cardas cables sound and I have the Golden Reference in my main system. I like them.
All cables react differently in different systems. Cardas was extremely poor in my system...it may be different in yours. The only way to tell is to try it.