What about cables and my power source?

Hi all....just put together my best system to date for the new townhouse I just purchased. My new system includes a pair of Martin Logan Requests, a Krell KAV 300i, a Shanling T100, and a Magnum Dynalabs FM101. Now I've got the dastardly task of picking out suitable power cables and interconnects that will compliment my new system w/o making me take out another mortgage.....

First question: What about my power source from my breaker box? With everything that goes into today's high-end cables, I'm conserned about what I plug into. I've got an electrician installing a new sub-panel for me, so I'd like to consider having him install a special line just for my audio system. Any suggestions on hard-wiring dedicated lines with my audio system in mind? And will this have any real benefit to my system?

Second Question: Does anyone have any suggestions on interconnects (RCA or XLR) for my new system? My budget is $500.00 (used).

Any input appreciated! Thank you in advance!

First bit of advice: if there's any sheetrock work involved in putting in a dedicated line, then put in two...it beats paying for the sheetrock work all over again when you decide you need another one! Try to have the electrician run 10 gauge wire. Most won't like the idea, because it's a pain to work with, so be insistent. And even if you don't want to drop $50 per for PS Audio Power Ports, insist on the best quality commercial outlets you can find...they will be much more rugged than normal residential outlets.