What about 2 separate audio systems as one?

For years I have tried to figure out a way to evenly fill a room with sound.

After about 35 years I believe I have discovered "The Missing Link" if you will in a High-End Audio system.

We All have 2 simple choices to achieve High quality sound.{1.} do like all the folks in the thread "how much does your system cost?" and put together the best single system you can afford.{he,he,he,he}Or {2.} You can follow my lead;
Simply said, I put together the most efficient accurate system I could afford{not much}to make my Front system.
Next,I did the exact same thing in the rear,except for the Source.
Robert Harley in his Guide to Audio, shows a diagram showing what a 2 channel system looks like in a graph.
It looks like a half-moon.
That is how the 2 channel system fills the room.{half}
But to complete the circle, simply add another similar system to the rear.Now you have a full circle of sound.
Sound is "All around you" and the sweet thing is,with 2 Velodyne 15" subs. the bass foundation is truly seemless and "seismic", and with 2 tractrix horns, 2 active 15",2 active 12", 2 active 8", 2 passsive 15" from the ground to about 78" the front is so dynamic 101db. sensitive.

The rear,similar sensitivity, I use 2 more 15" active,2 active 12",2 more horns, along with the rear Velodyne 15". From ground to about 80" the sound is so dynamic behind amplification capaple of 1000 watts per channel dynamic power,500wpc. RMS @4ohms; The Front and back systems have their own seperate amplification.
If you have a long large room, 2 loudspeakers no matter the size will never be able to fill a room the way my system can.And with so much power available, few people have ever truly witnessed what this much clean power can do to crockery,pictures,windows etc...if your child dials the V up the "Jump Factor" that speaker designers talk about becomes a reality.
The Sources I use are a Sony SACD 555ES, JVC DVD Audio,Sony XA7ES.The XA7ES is the workhorse teamed with the Benchmark Dac1,With a Transparent Audio Super Power cord,Audio Alchemy Data Stream for un-corrupted signal transfer,AA's biggest power supply.
To send the sound to the rear I simply run a loop out of my Museteax Melior pre-amp, to my Musical Fidelity pre-amp to C.D.
Realizing that your system is only as good as the weakest link, I use Straight wire Maestro speaker wire and interconnects with magical results.
Audio Power's Power Wedges work fine for me.
The sound, folks when you hear the very first sound, you know you are in for something never experienced before!
Learning from the Pro's in their aproach to filling a given room with sound.Have speakers all around, have sufficient power to where you are filling a room with less than 1-2 watts of power! With 500 more to spare.A music metamorphosis occurs where the entire room is enveloped in sound...The sheer power even at the lowest level's every detail is clearly reproduced like never before.
With room coverage like this, the room volume is so much more easy to control,because the whole room is the "Sweet Spot" instead of the 4"-6" area most of You enjoy.
You know that your sound is it, when you go to CES hear the "Best" and then come home to what I now enjoy daily.
Big sound requires foundation bass,effortless mids. and highs that are sweeter than honey.To realize this;You gotta have big speakers and plenty of amplification.There is no such thing as "too much power" since you decide what level you enjoy.
The more clean power you have, the cleaner the sound is at even the lowest levels.Minute details become more easily heard.
True I can fill a room of 300-500 people with clean power.But in my living room, I feel like Disnyland and I have the "Space Mountain" ride in Audio.
My award for the strangest post i've ever read in these forums. :)
Obviously for pure power an additional system in the same room has to sound louder - what you describe must really rock!

By feeding stereo in front and behind the listening position you may cause a confusion of the soundstage and increase the comb filtering. (peaks and troughs as you move within the room and an airy atmosphereic sound).

How about some pics?
isn't this what quadophiles do?
The first time I took acid I had all kinds of fabulous new math equations I wanted to discuss w/ my uncle who teaches Chaos Theory at the Univ. of Florida.
To really maximize the benefit, one must graft two heads back to back.
Have you swapped the R & L channels in the "rear" speakers so the channels are consistent front to back?

My Denon 3801 has a Five Channel Stereo DSP setting that sends a stereo signal to the front pair, rear pair and center channel. I don't know the channels are assigned, but it's a fun, room-filling effect for general listening.
Instead of Your system's 2 speakers trying to reach the back of the room;The 2nd system's speaker's in the rear play just loud enough to reach your ears.

So with 2 independent Stereo system's I am easily able to fill EVENLY the room with sound.

The Idea, was never to have 2 system's blowing sound at each other!
Just like in a picture where every color is reresented perfectly and evenly.
In Audio, to have successfully been able to consistently accurately make music,and at some of the lowest levels, with so many speakers front and back.
The Ears don't lie.
Especially after listening to live, recorded,music in so many different area's;Studio listening, outdoor concert's, Jazz club's, after hearing real Music and to see the music being played...You begin to demand more out of your listening experience at home.
Result:My System

The given room becomes "Locked-in" in terms of; the slightest background sounds, are now right up front.

Soundstage takes on a whole new meaning!I basically Filled"The Audio puzzle".
No overloading the front or back with more sound.

The front at "O" Flat on my Melior pre-amp. the sound fills the front to where I sit perfect.

The rear at the lowest setting on my Musical Fidelity pre-amp. like the front;The sound from the rear reaches my ears perfectly.

No overlay...That is why instead of having to turn the Volume up with one set of speakers,at mere idle the sound is clear enough to hear every single detail.

If I should decide to "dust off the cones", I certainly will first turn my rear speaker array in the same direction as the front...and stand way back.
Sorry, Yeah I did swap the Rear System's Right and Left channel's to make the Audio puzzle be politically Stereophonically correct.
Yes...party on, Garth!
Seriously, who is this guy?
I didn't do quite like you did but I had 2 systems into 1 years ago.
I had a Arcam FMJ 23 cd player with dual outputs.
Each output ran into there own FI Y preamp.
Then each preamp ran into 2 Onkyo M-504 amps for a total of 4 amps.
Each amp ran into a pair of Klipsch KLF 30 speakers total of 4 KLF 30's
Each pair of speakers had a dedicated amp for the horns and a dedicated amp for the woofers with these four speakers I had a total of 8 12" woofers.
I controlled the bass on each side with 2 Macintosh bass EQ"s forgot the model
The system was incredible when I moved into a new house in Florida I think we had the cop's at the house 3 times because it was so loud.Party time I am sure we all remember those days. Right?
I remember one afternoon my buddy came over and we put on some Motley Crue turned it up and walked down the block to see how far we could hear it.
That was blast.
The louder I turned it up the better it sounded not harsh at all even with the horns.
The good old days.
Posting since Nov 2006 and have started 5 threads already. It's true, empty vessels do make the most noise.

Bshabaz57 01-18-07 "But in my living room, I feel like Disn[e]yland and I have the "Space Mountain" ride in Audio."

LOL. You don't say.

Pauly, Why the insult? Did I insult You?

This forum is new to me, true I started 5 threads;Is there a problem?
Are you the "thread monitor"?
Because I am new to this, I started a thread and I thought the moderaters denied posting it.
So I changed the subject, but being new to this I did not know.
Then after a few hours all 5 threads were up and I only wanted 1.
But Pauly, I thought this was all in "FUN", so why offend me?

"Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge,You will be judged; and with the same measure you use. it will be measured back to you."Math.7-1

"Bless those who perscute you; bless and do not curse."Romans12-14

"But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall burn with fire and brimstone, which is the second death."Rev.21-8

If the TRUTH hurts, I can't help that...but if my threads bother you, then move on, don't HATE.
My intention has never been to be hurtful in any way.Lighten-up!
Shake it off Bshabaz. Maybe he didnt mean it. Sometimes it just comes out wrong. It didnt sound like hate to me though. Just ribbing at you a bit, albeit enthusiastically. Anyway, I thought your post was fun.

"Set an example of good works yourself, with integrity and dignity in your teaching. Your message is to be sound beyond reproach, so that the opponent will be ashamed, having nothing bad to say about us." Ti 2:7-8
we're just goof'n with ya. Relax, take a deep breath, and re-read what you posted and see if you understand it. Try youe poar on Audio Asylum and see what happens. Fasten your seatbelt!!
Warren...Distortion...you guys are being far to kind.

Bshabaz...you state that you started 5 threads that you assumed Audiogon did not accept and that "all of sudden...there they were"


I call B.S.

I would believe you if all the threads were started on the same day...however...they were started on 1/7...three on 1/10...and a final one on 1/18.

That hardly supports your "why aren't my threads showing up theory...I had better repost" theory.

Not to mention...pretty much every one of your threads were nonsensical trolls.


if you didn't like what you heard...what did you do?


I'm not meaning to offend any people of faith here...but really.

WTF is that all about.

Just because we call you out on your utterly ridiculous posts (which they in fact are...utterly ridiculous...not to mention...they are little more than trolls) You break out your learning bible and start throwing garbage quotes around.

like this one...

"But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall burn with fire and brimstone, which is the second death."Rev.21-8

WTF...so because YOU were called out, teased...whatever...WE are now murderers, sexually immoral, liars...yada yada yada?

Whoa! Right between the eyes!
Ellery, once again you're my hero.
I attempted to post a similar answer (actually not as subtle) on an earlier thread with Bible quotations but my answer never made it.
Ellery, bless my soul. You are the man. Bshabaz57, you're a sicker puppy than I thought. I'm trying to work my program and give you the benefit of the doubt. You must go now. Never to post again? Well I think you should take a break for a while. There are excellent medications out there. We on the 'gon should know, we're all on something...lol..don't go away mad...just go away...seek some healthy pharmaceuticals, come back, try again with another (hopefully, sane post) thread, and we'll let you know if you can stay...peace, warren :)
What is wrong with YOU people? While I'll admit that I have found some of B...57s writings obscure, they are not totally absurd, but actually somewhat reasonable. My criteria for this judgment is not what a bunch of audiophiles would think, but how would a bunch of normal, non-audiophiles think if they stumbled across this forum. The normal people would find absolutely ridiculous the recent thread about spending thousands of dollars on upgrading power cords FOR A POWERLINE CONDITIONER! How about the post(s) where an audiophile states he has a great speaker that sounds wonderful, but he wants to upgrade? Normal people think that sort of behavior is really strange. You simply don't hear people talk like that when they trade in their cars for something new. To normal people, and I speculate, placing multiple speakers, particularly if you already have extra speakers sitting around unused, in a room to fill the room with sound everywhere, kinda' sounds logical. Certainly more logical upgrading power cords.

Remember the post about why audiophile behavior and habits don't appeal to the wider population? Search the archives, it's a fascinating self-examination of our subculture. All I can say is our appeal will stay a minority if we chase away every contrarian audio opinion who chooses to post here.
It's not the subject of Bshabaz57's threads that offends me, it's the self righteous religious tone he takes when defending his point. I can't see the relevance of using Biblical quotes to support an argument concerning audio. When you defend your point with a rational that boils down to, "I'm right because God says I'm right," you have lost any credibility.
I think we're getting a little too...don't ya think?

Is there anyway we can get trolls like Bshabaz banned off the forum? I am not really religious, but I think the context in which he used biblical quotes has crossed the line. I hate to see this otherwise audio-insightful forum being abused by spotty faced teens in desperate need for attention. The garbage he posts is an insult to anyone with an interest in audio.

I dont mind his Biblical quotes in the least. Personally the more the merrier for me. Its a great Book and its Wisdom is boundless.

I found the post somewhat humorous. It certainly wouldnt make me angry. But at the same time, I wouldnt call someone a hater based on such insignificant evidence as a single passionate post.
Step away from the KoolAid!
Following up to say that my good friend and beloved life partner B. Shabaz passed away today, and has gone on to his reward. He never quite got over the shellacking he received in this forum, and his final years were full of bitterness and recrimination. At least I think that's the case, but it may have been the effect of so much comb filtering. Please say a prayer for my friend and never, ever aim your speakers at one another in anger.
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