What A/V receiver to buy?

OK, I've read SOOO many reviews and online commentaries my eyes hurt! I know this is a very subjective and difficult question to answer but I just want some opinions. I am looking for A/V receiver with HDMI switching (not real necessary for upconversion since dvd and cable box both have hdmi output). I have the sunfire cinema grand 5 channel amp with Panasonic AE700U Projector and am more concerned with watching movies. I also bought all of that when i was single so now I don't have a lot to spend on receiver. (currently have sony E9000ES).

have narrowed it down to these:

Outlaw 990 -- $1099
Denon 4806 -- $2200
Pioneer Elite VSX-74TXVi $999
Yamaha RX-V2600 -- $883

Currently leaning towards the Outlaw because of price and feature set but do see that it doesn't have THx (do I need??) Any suggestions...??
How about Marantz? http://us.marantz.com/Products/172.asp
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Fairly wide $ range there. Don't forget the Arcam AVR300 (no HDMI) and the Rotel offerings. Those can be found in your range used, maybe new.
Go with the Yamaha and you'll never be disappointed.
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HD-DVD/Blu-Ray is using a new audio codec, either DTS-HD or Dolby-HD; be sure you undersatnd that NO receiver can decode the new codec at this time, and ask if your new receiver will be able to in the future ( firmware upgrade). At CES last week, Marantz was furthest behind the 8-ball technology wise. Also, your receiver must have HDMI input and output capabilities. Good luck.
I couldnt believe the sound from my harmon kardon reciever. Im actually thinking of a second small system right now and Ive been pricing them. So far jr.com has got the best prices.
Sorry did not know Marantz was behind in Technology compared to others...I just know what iv'e heard compared to others and they sound very good..
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Keep the Sony, use older switching, this will actually work with your set-up?

You mentioned that you already have the Sunfire 5-channel amp. Do you really want an HT receiver (pre-amp/processor, plus 5-7 channels of amplification) or do you want an HT pre-amp/processor and plan to use the Sunfire for amplification?

If you are really looking for a single box solution (receiver) you might want to look at the Sony STR-DA7100ES. I own the DA5000ES which is a predecessor, and I really like it. I've owned Denon, Pioneer, B&K and other Sonys in the past, and the DA5000ES is easily my favorite. The new high-end Sonys use "digital switching Amplification" and they sound great. They are also very easy to use (IMHO).

If you are interested in the Sony, call Oade Brothers www.oade.com . They have excellent prices (better than any published web prices from my past experience) and they are authorized Sony ES resellers.(Disclaimer: not affiliated with Oade Bros., just a happy customer)


As far as the new Hi-Def audio goes, you should be able to use the 6 channel ins for it.
I would go with the recent Rotel HT receivers. Those with 1000 numbered models.

Integra Research is also worth considering, especially if you want multi-zone use. This is Onkyo's high end line.

THX is a George Lucas certification. If you think Mr. Lucas knows what sounds best, than yes you need it. If you don't care what Lucas thinks you don't need it.

THX is a great marketing ploy anyway.