What a Songstress Julie London

I'd heard "Cry Me A River" when I was much younger and never fully appreciated it. I suppose the "torch" style of song was over my head at the time. I was driving one day last year and "Cry Me A River" came on the radio, and I immediately said, "who is this?" I'm always listening for the the sound of a beautiful female voice. I said to myself that here was a special and exceptional song stylist, and made a note to check out more of Julie London's music. As I got into listening to her discography, I realized that she was simply, simply great! Very Special! For me, she has become the definitive torch singer and sings the torch song like no other. I know that's only my opinion! I even feel now that her talent is under-appreciated for just how great it was. Her tone, inflection, phrasing, emotion, sensuousness, all I can say is Wow! If you're not fully aware of her greatness, please do yourself a favor and listen, or listen again. Song, after song, after song... Many, many, great ones to enjoy, many of them Standards.
Hey Foster, I was just listening to Julie last night! I agree with everything you say. Wonderful talent and a voice that I never get tired of!
Mark, it's been a while since I've seen one of your posts here. Good to hear from you! Glad to know you also enjoy her music.
John Marks of Stereophile has turned me on to several wonderful albums over the years, not least of which is Time for Love - the Best of Julie London.
The greatest american female ballad singer.
She could go upbeat just as well, but her producers seldom let her.
She's still a magnet after whole buncha years past stronger than most before or after her life/stage career.
Foster 9,
I only know a little of her music. Thanks for the heads-up...I'm going to buy some.
She was also a very fine person , beloved by all who met or worked with her.
Also gave large amounts of money to Child Charities, just a lovely human being.
I cannot tell you how much I listen to her music, almost daily. I guess you could say I'm obsessed with her "sound." I'm addicted. Roxy54 you will enjoy her music even more! I wish my stereo was better because of her, and I really wish I had an exceptional vinyl rig in an exceptional system just have an even greater appreciation of her special sound.
Hey Foster, while I enjoy Julie very much, which are her "best" must have albums? Any recommendations?
1markr, one of the best-of albums, there were few released on Liberty label are the most popular and the most recommended to start from...
You might be right, but I still can't think of anyone before or after who can match.
1965 or 66.....I saw her at The Royal Box,Americana Hotel.New York City.All I can say is that she sounded as good as she looked and she looked incredible
Well said, Goldenguy, well said .

I'm telling you all again, find her up-beat work, she had fantastic timing , could swing with the best of them.
My records are packed for moving, can't make a recommendation
just now.
IMO she was a better actress then singer.
05-04-14: Dayglow

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I would say that you
haven't heard enough of her work.
I'm telling you all again, find her up-
beat work, she had fantastic timing could swing with the
best of them. 05-04-14: Schubert

No question that her timing and tonality was beautiful and
showed especially in upbeat recordings. But, she had plenty
of beautiful slow tempo recordings as well.

Here are some of my favorites:

"What Is This Thing Called Love?"
"Blue Moon"
"What's New?"
"Willow Weep For Me"
"Cry Me a River"
"A Cottage For Sale"
"Don't Worry Bout Me"
"Go Slow"
"Doncha Go Away Mad"
"Gone With the Wind"
"You Do Something To Me"
"You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me"

Listen to these recordings and tell me she wasn't fabulous!
I'm in too. I have 3 or 4 of her albums and they are great end to end.

One of my favorite songs - "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To"

I'm late to an old thread, but love her.  I was aware of her, but mostly from my youth, including as Dixie on Emergency!, though I'd heard her singing too.  But I was just a kid and that kind of music wasn't cool.  When Analog Productions released Julie is Her Name a few years back at 45 RPM, I ordered that and it's been all downhill (financially) from there as I've been building her catalog with original pressings.  She was amazing and has to be one of my absolute favorite female vocalist ever.  She's also amazing for showing your system off to those who don't understand true HiFi.