What a pile of Schiit

Sorry, most of us just can’t resist.

So I was looking at the Schiit Asgard and wanted it with a phono card. The web site does not provide the phono option on the drop down even though the owners manual clearly states this is an option. The only way to get it is to order it separately . When you do that, not only does it cost more but it voids the return policy even though Schiit installed it! Now if I ordered the phono card separately, and did a self install, I could return it. But, here again, you are not given an option on the site of purchasing it that way. Note the other preamps have drop downs that allow the option of factory or self installation of these cards at $50 savings either way. Insane.

So I emailed Schiit and Laura dogmatically states there is nothing that can be done, that’s the way it is.


Anyone else had similar experience with this company?

Has anyone listened to this phono card option on any of their modular headphone amps?


I too have had good luck with Schiit products. I'm currently using their Gungnir MB in my main system.

I have never used the Jotunheim as a headphone amp. I bought it as a preamp. It is a great deal at $499 with the phono card.  I am using it in my main system. My next major purchase will be a Decware tubed phono stage, but I can live with this one without feeling deprived. 


To move up to a better phono stage than either the Mani or their phono card you will be to spend five to ten times more.  The Jotunheims I have are the old model...not the Jotunheim 2. The second one I bought as b stock...no returning it. For headphones it does have a quarter inch jack and a four pin XLR for balanced headphones. I recommend getting a DAC with balanced outputs If you don't have one. The Modius or the Bifrost2 would pair nicely with it. 


Like I said I love it. It is versatile and offers three inputs. I don't see me ever paying for one of their USB only DAC cards. A stand alone DAC gives you a USB input for a streamer and coaxial or Toslink for a transport. 

I have a Yggdrasil, a Loki, a Saga, and bought Hel, Modi multibit, and Vali for my sons. They are all fabulous, not just for the money. The Saga blows me away with how great it sounds (my daily driver is a Cary SLP05 ultimate upgrade). I have always had rapid service and quick responses from them. Best audio company I have dealt with in 50 years of buying audio.

I have found the product I bought, the Bi-Frost, was everything and then some.

However the service and sales people are VERY black& white, with a take it or leave it attitude. Not customer friendly at all!