What 6922's tubes are you using in your lamm s ?

Hello guys,

what 6922 tubes are you guys using on your lamm 2.1s and 1.1s ?
is it worth spending the extra amount on the nos 6922slike the ones from mullard, telefunken, etc ?

thanks for the inputs.
While I don't own Lamm 2.1 or 1.1, I did own a Lamm LL2 Deluxe preamp, and I installed Mullard Blackburn 6922 with significant positive results.

I expect installing NOS 6922 from Siemens, Amperex or Mullard (depending on your preference) would yield similar results in the 2.1 or 1.1 amplifiers.
Amperex 6922 D-getters late 1950's all i can say is WOW!
The detail and soundstage is mindboggling vs the others.

Expensive yes but .....
The 2492 tube is a step above the 6922.For really premium sound I find the 2493 even superior.Be sure they are really Mullard and made prior to mid 1970.I have used both in my LL2 with outstanding results.Sorry no experience with the 1.1 or 2.1 but these should do the trick.
The ML2.1 does not use 6922
In checking further.The 1.1 doesn't use the 6922 tube either.
Hey Nolitan,whats the story ???
Maybe he means M1.2?
I bought 4 Russian cryoed 6922s from Tubemandotcom for my Raysonic 168 CD player. Since it has variable XLR outs I use it instead of a preamp- GREAT TUBES
Tvad, Maybe,But it makes me wonder when the OP leaves this early in their thread.
Do you still have the Blackburns ? Can I ask where did you
get them??
Man, Lamm sure makes great stuff.I would love to try his Amps.Can't afford them though.
I bought most, if not all of my Mullard Blackburn tubes from E-Bay sellers. I was fortunate to find honest sellers who delivered tubes that tested exactly as advertised.
I use Amperex Bugle Boy 6DJ8's (early 60's) in my M1.2 - I like them ;)
yes, its the M1.1s or the newer M1.2 Reference.
They use 6922s
Siemens CCa
any one here using 6922s from ei, electroharmonix, jjs or the likes for the lamms hybrids ? are those any better from the sovteks ? tks fr inputs
Nolitan, new production 6922 from ei, electro harmonix, jj are inexpensive. Buy some and try them. If you like them then keep using them.

I use the Amperex Pinched waist 6922 in my Lamm M2.1 monoblock amps, and my friend also uses them in his Lamm M2.2s. These are rather expensive, and tend to run between $300-500 for a pair. (I used to use Amperex 6DJ8 Orange Globes, which were almost as good, but quite a bit cheaper, @ $50-100 a pair.)
I use Telefunken 6DJ8 in my Lamm 1.2 amps. They are 1968 vintage with the Falcon Crest. Outstanding tubes--brought the amps to a new level. Previously, I was using Siemans and Halske red label 6922. These were a great improvement against the stock soviet 6922, but not nearly as impressive as the Telefunken.