What 5 components really stood out from the crowd on your Audio HiFi adventure/journey ?

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I hope title is self explanatory,

For me over 45 years it was in no particular order,

1) Apogee Duetta Signatures,
2) Townshend Seismic Sink,
3) Atma-sphere mono's
4) Sound Lab ESL
5) JPS Labs Aluminata i know cables right, but hay say it as you hear it.

Sorry no TT i loved to many to name just one.

Please everyone stay safe.
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Three vintage items from my vinyl days: 1)ARC SP10II
2)Threshold SA3 and 3)Oracle Turntable.
Two more current items: 1) Wadia 302 CDP and 2) Silverline Boleros.

GAS, Son Of Ampzilla amp
GAS, Thaedra preamp
Rectilinear 3A speakers
JVC Direct Drive TT (bought in 1978, looked similar to Denon)
Teac A3400S Reel to Reel

This was my system in 1978 which I was forced to sell to finance my wife’s college education.  For 9 years after that, I listened to a cheap Panasonic portable radio. Got back into it in 1987.  
KLH Nine ESL's, Quad 57's, DCM Time Windows, Rogers LS3/5A's, Dahlquist DQ10's. That's five different speakers - all of which I still have on hand! And all formidable contenders against today's overpriced offerings!

Was Carl from Nola/Alon involved with the  Dahlquist DQ10's ?
Quad 57's have a cult following and much love in the UK 
They can be refurbished by a company called One Thing Audio i believe.
The list shows my age, my pocketbook in my younger days, and how deeply I'm currently into the madness.
Audio Research SP-8, KEF Corellis, Celestion SL600's, Quicksilver Mono Amps, Koetsu Rosewood, Linn Sondek/Ittok.
@select-hifi: Carl Marchisotta was working with John Dahlquist back in the late '70s. He was tasked with developing a preamp. Later he left and started Alon -which became  Nola.
What 5 components really stood out from the crowd on your Audio HiFi adventure/journey ?

Synergistic Research HFT

Audio Consulting 240v/120v step down transformer

Synergistic Research Active Shielding

Cable Elevators

Black Diamond Racing Cones
@select-hifi: Carl Marchisotta was working with John Dahlquist back in the late '70s. He was tasked with developing a preamp. Later he left and started Alon -which became  Nola.

Thank you.
Magnepan 3.7i
Hafler Pre-Amp
Technics SL1200 turntable
Sonographe  SA400 amplifier
Cambridge Soundworkers BaseCube 12 subwoofer

  • Harbeth M-40.1 speakers
  • Music Reference RM9 MK2 vintage tube amp with GL KT88's
  • Audio Aero Capitole Reference CDP
  • VAC 30/30 MKIII tube amp (non-signature version)
  • VAC 70/70 Signature tube amp (with VAC Phi upgrades)

- Decca/London pickups

- Townshend Audio Rock Turntable


- Magneplanar Tympani T-IVa

- Stax Lambda Professional Earspeakers

- GR Research/Rythmik OB/Dipole Subwoofer

- Atma-Sphere M60

- Music Reference RM-200 Mk.2/RM-10 MK.2

- Townshend Audio Seismic products

- ASC Tube Traps/Vicoustic Multifuser DC-2

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Bob Latino's ST-70 amp. Punches W a a y above its price. 

Bob Carvers holographic preamp. Without a doubt the worst presentation of music in a hifi store. Went to look at Carver Amazing loudspeakers. Came out in disbelief of what I had just heard.

Luxman R 115 receiver. Bought this to replace a Harmon Kardon 730. It had great specs. Worst piece of equipment I've ever had in my system. Its best day was the day I sold it

Yes, these sure did stand out
Fisher 105 FM Stereo Phonograph with Speakers
Acoustic Research Amplifier
Rectilinear III (Highboys)
Dual 1019 Changer
Thiel CS 3.6

These were the biggest improvements in sound over their predecessors.
My later additions cost more but added less.
bdp 24 -- Yeah, this website just doesn't cooperate if you're trying to make a list.  What I now do is press "Enter" three times after each entry.  So what if the list winds up a bit spacious?
Cello Audio Palette - the one piece of gear I regret selling the most. 

Magneplanar Tympanni IV - amazing speakers for the early 80s that still hold their own. 

Krell MDA-300 - probably not close to SOTA today, butt in the late 80's, these produced a wonderful sound.  But they also generated a lot of heat. 

Revel Ultima Gems - Revel's first speaker was a solid introduction for a great brand. 

GR-Research NX-Otica with triple OB subs - I am amazed by what these speakers can do. 
Krell KSP-7b

Krell KMA-160 monos

Sonic Frontiers SFL-2

Thiel CS-3.6

Paragon Acoustics Regent

Don Sachs Preamp (tube)
Ed Schilling the Truth preamp
Cullen Cables digital and copper bi-wire speaker cables
Legend bi-wire copper speaker cables
Meridian G08 CD player
Asi Teknology silver RCA interconnects
Pass Labs X250.5 solid state amplifier
Canary CA-160 monoblock tube amplifiers (heavily modded by Asi Teknology)

All have tremendous performance at a very modest price.  I cant follow directions so I listed 8. 

Ok Bose 901s,Technics  SL 1350 with Shure V-15 ,Onkyo Intedgra CD ,Carver 500TM.