What 2 channel Amp would you Buy for $6k?

I plan on spending no more than $6k for power amp (tube or SS), but would like to hear from others what amp they’d get. I’ve done plenty of research, but honestly, I’m burn’t out and now would like to hear from others.
Conrad Johnson.
I own an ATI Signature 6007, and two Mark Levinson No. 536’s. Based on how closely the ATI sounds almost as good as the 536, I’d buy a 2 channel ATI Signature 6002. The ATI is a crazy value. 
Find some Krell Fpb 350m or mc monos . Not the mcx or 250m. Different world . 
It is hard to give advise without knowing more about your system's needs
How efficient  are your speakers, What other components are in your current setup.
Do you require a balanced design.
Power amps can run the gamut from warm to bright in sound with small power output to very large
Matching components for synergy from the Audiogon community will be far more helpful