Whassup with Accuphase:

now the "77" which seems to duplicate the "85" at less than half its msrp.
Anyone compared redbook abilities of these players? How does, for instance, the 65 (v or "plain) stack up against the 75 (v or p)?
How about the 77 vs 85?
The 77 to 75 or 65?
(I'm primarily interested in redbook because there just ain't much on SACD yet.)
You mentioned several models, so here is how the redbook performance should be ranked IMO: (1) DP-85 or DP-75v, (3) DP-77, (4) DP-55v, (5) DP-75, (6) DP-65v, (7) DP-65. The top 4 ranked players all use the MDS technology which has been described as a variant of upsampling technolgy. 5 thru 7 uses the older MMB technolgy. Of all of these players , only 2 (that I know of) are still in production: the DP-85 and the DP-77. If you are looking for the best deal I would look at the 75v (that is if you don't care about SACD).
Thanks, linkster. With there only a thousand or so difference in price between the new 77s (gray market) and used 75vs, the decision is tough. I am not against having sacd, it would be nice to have, just to hedge my bets. But if the performance of the 75v is SIGNIFICANTLY better, than I'd probably go with it. At the moment, their prices don't seem to reflect the reality that the 77 has appeared.
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