Wharfedale vs Klipsch vs Infinity

Somewhat random question, but I have somehow acquired 3 sets of speakers and wonder which one people think I should keep. Newest is Wharfedale Emerald MK 4 EM 99's - from somewhere between 2000-2003. Very nice finish, very nice sound, but although it says "England" on the back, I have confirmed that they are made in... yup, China. I found a pair of Infinity RS6's at the dump - had the woofers refoamed, and they too sound great, although not quite as rich (maybe just less bass). They are from 1986, made in CA. Just recently scored a pair of Klipsch Tangent 40's from 1989-1991, made in AK. The woofers on the back have cat scratches, but they still sound great - just as "rich" as the Wharfedales with the nice midrange clarity that the RS6's deliver. I am leaning toward the T40's, but wonder what others think. Thanks!