Wharfedale Topaz SW-15?

I recently purchased a Wharfedale Topaz SW-15 for $150 + shipping, brand new. I could not find very much information online about it, so I was just wondering what other people had to say about it, whether it's what you've heard/read/etc. I know, from reading what I could find, that it is far from being the best sub out there, but relative to the price ($150 + shipping brand new), I would like some comments. This is going in a dorm room, potentially with 2 dcm kx 212s, 2 dcm kx-12's, dcm kx center, and 2 dcm kx-6 surrounds (I realized clearly it is all overboard for a dorm room).

But, for the price I paid ($100 for the 2 212's, $100 for the other 5 speakers, and $150+shipping for the sub), any comments?