wharfedale speakers/sp-87 and mfm 5 vs klipsch

Looking for preowned speakers,running denon avr987 and 1803 (bedroom)mostly rock music in bedrm,everything in livrm.very fam.with klipsch have many kg 4.5/3.5 sf8.5 sw 10 sub. Kv1 center.how do the wharfs compair with equal priced used klipsch aprox. 250.00 price range? Feedback greatly appreated!thanks.
Stanman I have owned the Wharfs (SP87). The Klipsch will have more detail in the midrange and cleaner highs. I'm a Klipsch Heritage fan moreso than the models you mention. With the equipment you have and in a Home Theater setup the Wharfs may put out more bass but the Klipsch will give you better clarity. You will need a good sub to compliment which I see you have but you will really need a very robust sub to produce those subterianian lows.

The Klipsch Reference series in my opinion are better than what you are looking at and more than twice the price too. If you find a pair of Athena 2's, The floor stander that was reviewed by Stereophile a few years ago they may be a better alternative because they have excellent clairty and excellent bass. They are excellent imagers too.