Wharfedale Opus owners

Gather around and lets talk about our speakers!

Which Opus do you have?

What components (amps, pre amps, sources)are using with them?

What speaker wire and interconnects?

What finish are your Opus?

How much do love these speakers? I know I love them plenty :)

Even if you don't own the Opus and you just want to talk about them, offer opinions or ask questions, join in!
opus1 speakers/ Bvaudio P10 preamp,,Two-BVaudio PA300Amps

Quad CDP (current model) Tri wired with Guerrilla Audio

coppers on top and mid and silvers on bottom..

Could you share with me your thoughts and experieces with the BVAudio PA 300 Amp and pre-Amp?

How do they sound? Do they have their own signature sound?

After havng my setup for a year=
( on a 1 to 10 scale // 10 beng the best )

sound stage width= 7.5
sound stage depth= 8.0
sound stage hght = 8.5
imaging = 9.0
Detail = 9.0
bass definition = 8.5
bass output = 8.5
mid outut = 8.5
mid def. = 9.0
mid outpit = 8.5
high freq. = 9.0
high freq. output= 9.0

Sound great as a pair( amp/pre )

comments following are very room/ speaker cabling dependent

which seems to me to mean Bv stuff is very neutral---you
hear the difference in cables and components VERY EASILY!!

My friend come over to my place with new components etc.
to auidtion them to determine the pcs. character!!!

If anything the duo lacks a little warmth over all with
cds and yet is excellent with vinyl!!! However, exeriments
with dozens of components ( thanks to my buddy who is a
equipment junkie ) warm can be added with proper
equiment and cabling choices.....

This doesn't quite stick to the point but after dozens
( not dozen--DOZENS ) of trials---very Arcam in the last 2 two years, very Musical Fidelity ,including the new A-5, 3 Cary models, Shanling, Sherwood Newcastle, Rotel, Denon, Etc. etc. etc. the HANDS DOWN all time
greatest BAR NONE value in CD Players =
The QUAD 99 CDP.2 for 1100.00. Use the QUAD and Cardas
golden Reference interconnects with Guerrilla cooper
cables and you'll have all the detail , warmth, and
PRAT you could want without going into a 20,000 dollar system... No problems with the BVaudio equip. Ivo is
very good to deal with. Overall, detailed, excellent
sound staging , frequency response excellent.....
BV's are very reveiling and components not up to grade will show it..The worst thing that might be said--could use more warm in mid range---then get the quad..

hope this helps....by the way Mike Healy of 6 moons uses the BVaudio amp and pre amp as hs reference and has god reviews of the units. + call Ivo and tel him you need a full 30 days audition---you'll probably get it.

Best Regards,