Wharfedale Opus 3 vs Rbh 1266 SE

I'm looking to buy some new tower speakers, and i have finaled out my two top choices (open to other ideas in price range). The Wharfedale Opus 3's and the Rbh 1266 SE's (dont know about side firing sub woofers). I already own wharfedale diamond 8.4s in my system (drivers dont match with Opus', but I wonder if the well reviewed Rbh's or the Opus' sound better. My room is 28 by 22 but has a lower midrange/upper midbass spike that is quite noticable. please respond if you have any input.
Unable to comment about the Rbh 1266 but the Wharfedale opus 3 are great you need really good kit to get the best out of them and a bit of room for them to breathe I heard them against the Pinish 3 which are great ribbons and not much between themjohnjcahill2004