Wharfedale Linton 85TH Anniversary Speakers

Does anyone own these speakers or have heard them?  I am interested in your impressions.  I am thinking of setting up a third system based on a tube integrated (TBD) with these speakers for Jazz listening. Source would be a SACD Player.   I have been looking at the speakers and the stands for under 1500.00.  I haven’t heard a Wharfedale since 1970 when we sold their bookshelf speakers in the audio store I worked in.  You filled the compartment in the rear with sand to tune them.  If I remember, it was a nice warm British Sound.  
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  1. just got a pair with red mahogany finish. so far so good. great soundstage with excellent low end. will know more after a couple hundred hours to break them in. 
alain465, would you mind letting us know what the rest of your system consist of?

Also, your preferred music genre(s)?
I heard them at AXPONA and they were quite good. That was my lasting impression. I liked the throwback look also.

Mine arrived on 7/12/2019. Walnut with stands. I have them hooked up to a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum III. The CMIII has about 60 hours on it now and the Lintons have 25+ hours. I don't find them lacking during playback. For vinyl I have a MH 5.3SE and digital frontend is a NAD C542. I cover a wide range of music genres. There is The Grateful Dead and then there is everyone else lol. Rock and Roll and quite a bit of Progressive Rock. Right now it is Tom Petty The Live Anthology. Just trying to put hours on the system to loosen up the inner workings to get the system used to me and my ears used to the system 
hello mmai! my setup is a NAT Audio utopia tube preamp, a mcintosh mc275 tube amp and a blue sound node2 i. 

i listen mostly to jazz and acoustic music,but once in a while i’ll rock the place out.
i , m very impressed with the linton heritage.