Wharfedale Evolution 30


I listened to the Wharfedale Evolution 30 with a Cambridge Audio 640A the other day and saw a great deal for the pair on the net for 540 euros
Actually, I would like to have a tuner as well, but not as a separate component for budget/space reasons. The best option seems to be the NAD C720 BEE but I have not heard it with these speakers. Considering the NAD could be roughly equivalent (of course depending on personal preference), am I taking a big chance buying the Wharfedale/NAD package without first hearing it?

Anyone have those speakers that can comment on what amp they are using?

no you're not. the evo's pair very well with most quality gear....the nad included.

I have had these speakers for two years and I love them. I originally used a Marantz receiver to run them and I thought it was a great combination. In the last year I have teamed them up with Bryston separates and I was blown away by the difference. The speakers that I thought sounded superb really came alive with the Bryston equipment. For the money I think the Evo 30's are a great speaker. I also appreciate the physical appearence of the Evos.