Wharfedale Evo DFS vs. Diamond DFS

I am wondering if there is any difference between the two? Like sound, build, or driver quality. I have scoured the web to find only differeces in size (possible arrangement of angles?) Any info would be appreciated. I know these aren't top of the line but it's a start for a college kid home theater system.
I bought a surround package of Diamonds recently: 8.4 fronts, 8.2 rears, 8C centre and 12A sub woofer. Truly awesome sound! I also searched the web to compare the EVO versus Diamond range but decided in the end the EVO was just a face-lift model - much more modern styling but it seems the specification is much the same. If you are struggling to justify paying more for the EVOs I recommend you forget it and go with the Diamonds - I doubt whether you'll regret it, they produce crisp clear sound like no other.
The EVO's are considerably more money I think. If you're on a college budget you'd do fine getting the Diamond's. I have the 8.3's,8.1's and the Diamond Center in my bedroom system and they just sound awesome. The Center channel would be a bargain at 3x the cost. In the new WhatHifi they compare 6 different floorstanders including the EVO 30 and guess who comes out on top? Yep-the Wharfedales. Judging by that level of competition I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the EVO is more than just a facelifted Diamond-but I don't know for sure. I sure would love to check them out though. I'm hoping someone in the know can tell us more on this thread.