Wharfedale Evo 30

Hey guys, I have upgrade-itis (hard to imagine). I presently have Athena ASF2 model 1's. Not the first name in speakers but they actually sound pretty good, especially for the money. I can pick up an excellent used pair of Evo 30's for $250. I realize this isn't a ton of money but I really don't want to spend it if this upgrade won't make a fairly big improvement. I can listen to them before buying but will not have my speakers there for a back to back comparison. Can anyone tell me what they might think is better about the Wharfies and is this even much of an upgrade? I understand good sound is in the ears of the listener but some good advice never hurt either.
I had auditioned these speakers 5 years back and they were pretty good. Remember that you need a lot of space behind them to sound their best...else they will sound bass-heavy. They will server you very well - at least for the $ you are spending. Cannot comment on Athena...as I have never listened to them before.
Thanks Milpai, can you describe how they sounded if you remember?