Wharfedale Evo 10 compared to Epos 12.2?

Does anyone know which of these speakers is better? I think they've both had great reviews. Please let me know your opinions of either. Thanks.
the wharfedale is the winner here. a true value at the price. lots of detail, but a very neutral presentation with all types of music. easily driven and matches up well with a wide variety of components.
We can make this a no brainer. Audio Advisor has the Evo 10 for $400 in maple and $500 in rosewood. The EPOS 12.2 is a very good speaker and I would say comparable to the Evo 10 in most areas, but it's not better than the Evo 10.

Jaybo is correct about the Evo being very neutral and easy to match up. The EPOS 12.2 (in fact the M5 and ESL 3) are a m ore forward speaker and can be fussy about placement and the amplification used. The Evo 10 is an easier to live with speaker.

Regards, Rich
Thanks Guys! Appreciate it VERY Much!