Wharfedale Elysian 4 - Thoughts?

Hi All - I've added the Wharfedale Elysian 4 to my list of speakers under consideration for purchase. Anyone have experience with or opinions on these?
Always like to hear your thoughts. Thanks so much!
No direct experience, but I’ve never heard a Wharfedale speaker I didn’t like.  Much respect for the company. Based on that, they’d be on my list to audition.
I have bought wharfedale evo 4.4 and I am in love with them. Saving money to buy Elysian 4 in future.

fantastic sound with my equipment.
Thanks. Would you mind sharing what equipment you're pairing them with?
Did you make a decision here? I had the Elysian 2’s for about four months. Obviously a little different, but if you’re still interested I can share my thoughts.
Please do share your thoughts! 
I did not purchase the Elysian 4's as my only local dealer had none in stock and could not arrange for an audition. I wound up with a pair of Spendor D9.2's in an upgraded dark eucalyptus finish. Still breaking them in, but very happy thus far.