Wharfedale Diamond 8.4

Has anyone heard the Wharfedale Diamond 8.4? Big time reviews on audioreview.com, just wondering if the goners have any experience with it. Looking for a sub-$1000 set of floor standers that can be placed near the wall, and be reasonably easy on the eyes. Listen to most types of music.


Sony 9000es
B&K REF 10
Mccormack DNA-1

The Wharfedale Diamond 8.1's are the only ones of the Diamond 8 series that will work reasonably well with near rear wall placement. The Diamond 8 series is a ported design and sounds at its best when out into the room a bit. At your budget, take a look at the NHT ST4 . Piano black gloss finish; acoustic suspension design; side mounted 8" sub-woofer; $1000 price tag; warm, musical, and detailed sounding.

Regards, Rich
Yes just recently.They where driven by a 'Mid-fi'surround reciever(wood floor)great performance to cost ratio,decent bass,musical,warm,bit lively in lower treble,tad rolled in the top-top,could be played reasonably loud,cleanly.
BTW Rich they are front ported.
But when moved close to the wall they became very boomy. Remember wood floor,budget reciever,so take it in consideration.Do a search on 'kevlar driver colorations'I've heard rumor that budget kevlar has a irritable sonic trait long term,can't remember what.

I owned the 8.1's for about a year, so I am aware that the 8 series Diamonds are front ported. Given that, I still found that the Wharfedales tended to sound their best when out in the room a bit. Even though you might categorize the B&K as a mid-fi and/or budget receiver, the B&K is still on par with the Wharfedales (mid-fi/budget speakers themselves) from a quality and matching perspective. For near rear wall placement, acoustic suspension speakers are still the way to go and the NHT's would fit that bill.

Regards, Rich
Let me clarify ,I felt the 8.4 set we auditioned driven by a JVC-9010 delivered a wonderful sound.It's the JVC I call mid-fi,the implication being Rrekstads Ref10/DNA-1 pairing should be much. Port mention merely an FYI you didn't need and we are in agreement they sound better out into room.
Either of you see or hear any of the new Evolution series?
They look well done.
Thanks for the comments guys. Ive also heard that the Totem Arro might fit my needs well. Any thoughts on that?
I liked the Totem Arro a lot when I heard it at the Montreal show a few years ago. Vince Bruzzese was playing it with a SimAudio I-5 integrated and a Rega Planet--this was before Totem brought out their own integrated amp. Very musical, lots of presence and rhythm, sounded good next to the wall. Personally, and without having heard your components, I would guess by its reputation that the Totem Arro would be closer in quality to what you have than the Wharfedale model you're considering, but I would like to have that confirmed, please.
the totem is a significant step up from the wharfdales..i know because an audiophile friend of mine has the exact same system as me except i own arros and he owns wharfdale diamond 8....not sure which one, its a 3 way speaker though...

my system sound much better than his...the wharfdales are good speakers for the money but theres simply no comparison...

if looking into arros though be aware of a potential problem i discovered...see my thread below titled "help with speaker problem" for more info
Were you charged for the arro's being fixed? Had you bought them new?
they were bought new and were under warranty..so no i wasnt charged
I've got the full Diamond Surround setup
- 8.4s in front
- 8.3s in rear
- Diamond 8 center
- looking for a replacement for 12in AR sub

I initally bought a demo pair of 8.3s for only $250 as an "interim" speaker to last my senior year of college but enjoyed them enough that I jumped into a full surround package and augmented them with bigger 8.4s in front (displacing the 8.3s to surround duty).

I drive them with an NAD S170 pre/pro and S250 5 channel amp - probably well beyond what most people use to drive these speakers but I find they love the power. I formerly used an NAD T752 receiver and the Wharfedales really came alive with the better equipment. I would be curious to know how many others are using relatively modest speakers with substantially better upstream gear (not trying to start a "Where should I put most of my money" thread).

I am very satisfied with the speaker package and killer deals are now available on the net.
It may be a little late to chime in on this thread, but I would concur that the Diamond 8.4s respond to better feeding. I had been using a single, lowish power amp (a 30W/channel NAD), and was disappointed with the performance of my system, even at modest volumes but especially at higher ones. So I bought a second amp and started passive vertical biamping, which helped enormously in tightening up the low end and clearing up the high end.

Now I face a transition to a surround set-up (comprising four 8.4s, but no centre or sub yet), and am hoping that I can get away with using a better, higher power amp to get similar results without biamping. Wish me luck!