Wharfedale Denton 80th Anniversary

I have a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 for a bedroom system and I'd rather like the sound of them, except the vinyl veneer is pretty low quality. Wharfedale announced a few months ago that the were going to released an 80th anniversary version of their Denton with reel wood veneer which I am very curious about, but it's almost impossible to find any dealer for these in the US !

Have anyone had/listened to these speakers?
Check out online some reviews by U.K. Magazines, Hi-Fi World, Hi-Fi Choice, and What Hi-Fi. I have read all 3 reviews and all were positive.
Old post, but best place to leave some fresh impressions on these Dentons that are still available at retailers.. 
I received mine last weekend, first bookshelf speaker I listen to since I bought my Rega RS5 5 years ago (Sept.2011). I ordered them just to switch to a different flavor -  I 'd like to add a "warm" speaker as the Regas are so neutral, with moderate bass and treble, and clear, detailed articulate midrange.
The Dentons have been playing now 40hrs at low to moderate volumes, and warm yes they are.  The bass / upper bass bands are VERY emphasized, and because detail is quite good and because they are very dynamic, these speakers reproduce drums really really well, but above those frequencies, I just don't get it...
Low-mids sound boomy and muffled, therefore really bad at reproducing voices especially female singers, mid-range is as muffled and unnatural as it can be, and the upper frequencies are so tamed... in other words I don't find them musical at all.
So I have read all the good reviews about them and I am really confused. At he same time you can ear that the drivers are totally capable of offering a good level of resolution and detail, and in the same time, I just do not recognize my CDs...
It is either the Regas are in another league, or my integrated marantz 8004 is a very bad match, or they are not broken-in yet, or worse, the dentons just can't score in the $500-$1K bookshelves....  
Has anyone in this forum got the same impression?
@chrisr Try again with Fostex HP-A3, Class D Audio SDS series power amp, Blue Jeans Canare 4S11, I’ve listened to the speakers for years, I found almost nothing to complain, you crank loud without sounding harsh, I mean unlike some speakers that sound violent when you turn up the volume knob, you wont’s hear annoying noise tone even from poorer recording, try to play a whole concert of Joe Hisaishi at Budokan, you know what I mean, be it bass, mid, high, all music genre, except extreme dynamic volume for some subwoofer bass freq. band, which I dun think most music listen will be a problem, and for those who does not seem to enjoy this speakers, I can only think of due to gear mismatch or personal taste preference. Recently I purchased a pair of my first floorstander Q Acoustics 3050, it sound pretty unforgiving on some recording materials, bass can be a bit overpowering, could be due to still need time to break in, I conclude the Wharfedale Denton is hard to beat at 499, sound, craftsmanship, heritage, value, did I miss anything else? Oh, I only love the walnut wood venere of this limited edition Wharfedale, not a fan of the mahagony finish
Thanks for adding comments... Yes, I dig them now - they actually sound really really good, very sweet with a fair amount of detail and naturalness... they probably needed some "break-in" time and I had to get used to them as they are radically different from what I was used to.  They are indeed an absolute steal at this moment.  I do not believe a second wharfedale makes money with this edition.  This is a bookshelf that will stay for a long time.
I actually had better results single-wired with canare 4s8 (13awg) than with 4s11 (11awg) bi-wired... go figure, treble is more extended and upper bass not as emphasized.  I also feel they would sound better with a more powerful amp.