Bought a pair of w60e for $20.Any one listen to them and your thoughts?
There were great back in the day, this ain't back in the day.
If YOU like them try are great.
Well you've had a lot of posts on the site,guess YOU know what your talking about?????
I sold them back in the 70's. Nice, laid back sounding speakers. Typical British sound. Not sure if those were the ones that used sand for loading, but the entire line had the same basic sound, just more of it as the speakers got bigger.
Definitely worth $20.
Did a little research on them and all the comments about them were positive,Shubert only being the real negative.So the man showed pics and He'll hold em tell I pick them up.
My first ever speakers was the W35, which are the little brothers of those. After learning about audio, I hey realized sounded awful (dull, boxy), but I still loved them - the cabinets are beautiful and rock solid. I never heard the W60, so maybe they sound better.

Since the W35's were my first (they also came from my dad's Audio store), I could never part with them. About 10 years ago, I cut the baffles out an installed new baffles with 2 way driver/crossover set up. They now sound pretty good. I use them in the dining room for "dinner music".
The W60 sound just like that. Used to own some.
Well I just love music and finding unique components for a good price.I always try to see the positive not the negative things about life as well as music.
You can't go wrong for $20, but by current standards they are not good loudspeakers. They are unique and from a historical perspective, interesting, but they don't sound very good. Muffled comes to mind. Assuming the cabinets are in good shape, you paid what they are worth. You should be happy.
Me too, but I fail to see the upside to crappy sounding music.
That said, for 20 bucks I'd see what I could do to them.
Just seems like some folks on this site think you need a $10,000 or more system to appreciate and hear true music.Most of your equipment and cables are way overpriced,but many of you still buy it anyway.If it doesn't have a hugh price tag it gets labled junk!
The only way to rationally justify an expensive item is to place lower value on the options. Does not matter why. I think it is in the Laws of Thermodynamics somewhere. :^)