Wharfdale's Denton Anniverary spker Any 3 way speaker of similar sound quality?? .

I have owned a pair of the Wharfdale Denton 80the Anniversary monitors for over a year. It is truly an amazing and musical sounding speaker.  However, I have identified a few of its flaws: need for a more extended midrange and a greater dynamic range.  I thought this might be accomplished by a 3 way stand speaker that uses a quality midrange driver and can handle more power

Would like recommendations  for a 3 way monitor that possess the same texture and musicality of the Denton's, but offers more detail and depth in the midrange. Can be brands other than Wharfdale   Thank you    

Harbeth HLS5.
Spendor SP100R2.
I am currently listening to the dentons.  Yes they are very pleasant to listen to.  I have had many speakers and the one that I am thinking could fit your bill is the vandersteen 2ce.  It is on the warm side, with smooth treble, goes very low, and has a dedicated midrange.  Laid back and musical. If it wasn't for the size of these mammoths, (and the desire to change), i still would have them today.

To noromance, Thanks for the recommendations: The Harbeth HLS5 is probably  too expensive, even used.  However, I will check out.both

To Chrisr  The Vandy 2ce may be too large for  my 12X15  room listening place, and they are floorstanders which would then have to replace my Golden Ear Technology 7's 

I owned a pair of Vandersteens 1C's about 10 years ago, and thought them a fine speaker, though somewhat soft or warmish.  The GET's 7's are very good speakers, but they don't have the musicality of Dentons, and tend to some edginess in the highs..  However, it may be worth  considering the 2ce

Consider giving me listen to the bryston mini T
ProAc studio 148 with soundocity sev9 outriggers. 

 To  meadow man,   Thanks for the recommendation. I did consider the Bryston middle T speakers before I even bought the Dentons, but they climbed to over 3K. Even used, they are expensive.  I don't think I considered mini T, unless I am confusing the two Bryston speaker models

To noromance, Thanks for the tip, but can you explain what speaker on e-bay you are referencing??  

Apologies if the link is borked. A pair of Spendor SP2 for around $500. 2 way but very nice. I have a pair of SP2/2 which are better and worth seeking out in the $600-$800 range.

 To noromance

Thank you for the clarification; I will check it out one-bay

If you want fabulous well developed midrange, there's a pair of rega rs-3 for sale in the used gear section.  This is a 2.5 way, simple crossover between tweeter (19mm so not overpowering) and midrange, and a bass driver naturally blended without filter.  I have a pair of rs-5, and they are the best uncolored midrange i have had in my house so far.  I would definitely check that out.
Chris, Thanks for the heads up, I will check out the ad.
Try Nordost cables you might be able to accomplish what you are looking for..,,
Please don't waste your money on expensive cables to tune your sound. (Use something like Neotech UP-OCC copper/teflon speaker wire.)
A nice pair of used Spendors or Epos etc will be great.

To noromance.....Don't  intend to buy new cables. Though, I will check out your suggestion

BTW,  I actually auditioned a pair of Epos 12i  and was very impressed with their sound. It did sound like real music However, that was 11 years ago. Occasionally, a pair or two surface on e-bay  and even AG.

However, I bought a used/mint Conrad Johnson PV-14L SE( that is with upgrade caps)   Sounds excellent and has pushed Denton's 80's to a higher level.  

Now need to hear what improvements the pre-amp may render in sound quality with my main speakers, Golden Ear Technology 7's...very accurate speaker but a bit edgy on top because of its tweeter is based on Heil Air Motion transformer design.    

Sunny, congrats on the new pre.
To mesch,   Thank you.  I have only put a few hours on CJ 14L SE pre-amp but am impressed by the improvements in sound quality  . Today I switched back to the Golden Ear Technology 's model 7 from the Denton 80's.  The pre-amp seemed to tame the highs a bit  on GET's because of the (re-designed) Heil Air Motion Transformer used by them  
Great! Maybe you might stick with the GET 7s for a while as you continue your search for a TT. As always, good luck in your endeavors.
No romance, I tried to get away with cheap cables it did not work...well Nordost has low price cables too.