Whammerdyne “The Truth” or their other amps .....

I heard the Whammerdyne "The Truth" at an audio show several years ago and remember absolutely loving the demo.

Can anyone offer any thoughts on these wonderful amps? 

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I never heard of them until now. Nice website. Makes me drool.
I believe I have heard all of their amps with the exception of the one with the outboard transformers.  They are exceptional.  Incredibly QUICK, musical.  If you have efficient speakers, very tough to beat.  
Original name for the component. Or is it?
I have the DGA1 (entry level Damn Good Amp 1), love it
Thank you Garth. I appreciate the feedback. 
@joeinid did you ever obtain a Whammerdyne?


No I have not. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. I’m torn between trying to get the “Truth” amp or getting the more wallet friendly DGA1 which looks awesome.
I’m generally a 300b fan but that Whammerdyne Truth amp hit me hard. Truly awesome and I’m sure either will be perfect on my Avantgarde Duo XD.
get one of the Whammerdyne's that have the external transformers, worth the extra cost over the DGA1, as the transformers make a huge difference!
Great advice. I’ve been obsessing about what model to get. They all look very well made. 
I prefer warm/sweet and assume they all have the same or similar house sound.

 I love the bias control of the DGA1. Some of the others look a little more complicated but not too difficult - if that makes any sense.
I didn't see (or know) of a difference on the others, after visiting with Pat a few times, I think the key is getting the biggest transformers you can afford for the best sound, that seems to be the major difference between the models.
Well isn’t this peculiar. I distinctly remember another “joeinid” from other forums saying he emphatically was done with “tubes”. Now look what we got here...haha. Just teasing you Joe. I’m desperately wanting to try another First Watt amp but I myself am in love el84 tubes and have an AudioNote amp on the way in a couple weeks.

My vote is get the DGA1 as that’s what I could realistically afford down the line and would love to hear your thoughts on it. :)

Good luck in your pursuit!
Hahahaha !

All I can say is that I haven’t made the leap yet. 
We, meaning I, always want what we don’t have.
 I have to be honest, I don’t think Whammerdyne is your typical tube amp. It’s definitely special. 

Maybe the quarantine is getting to me. 
I’ll let you know what happens.  :)