Western Electric Gold Lions????

The Western Electric web site (wttp://www.westernelectric.com/products/kt88.html) says they are preparing to manufacture Genalex Gold Lion KT88's! I don't know if anyone can re-create that tube, but I suspect W.E. has as good a chance as anyone to get it right. The prices they list are exorbitant, though, and there aren't actually any available yet.

Does anyone know any more details about this, i.e., how did they purchase the rights, will the tubes be any good, etc?
I looked at the website, and I am unclear whether the price of $1700/quad is for the original M.O.V. Genelex Gold Lion or for the new reproductions. An original quartet can be purchased for significantly less than $1700, and makes the value of the "new" Gold Lions suspect, IMO.
I assume it will be for repro's, because there's probably realistically no way to offer matched quads, much less octets, of NOS. Time will tell.