Western Electric 300B Tubes

Is Western Electric Corp still in business? Are they still producing the 300B tubes? Thanks for your answers.
Yes, the company is still in business and manufacturing 300Bs:

Western Electric 300Bs

The company has changed hands over the years, and the manufacturing facility was even relocated at some point (in the late '90s, I believe). Most regard the NOS tubes as being notably superior to the current production 300Bs. Nonetheless, the reissue tubes are very good and are still regarded by many as being the best available 300Bs in current production.

However, some of us (myself included) have found that the Sophia Electric Princess Carbon Plate 300Bs outperform the WECo reissues in head-to-head comparisons in our own audio systems.
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Yes, they are still being made today. You can buy them from all over the places. Tubestore or TubeDepot for examples.
From speaking to the WE folks, they are temporarily not manufacturing due to a facility re-location.

FWIW, 2 manufacturers of tube amplifiers I communicate with on a regular basis prefer the current generation of WE 300B tubes to NOS versions. This doesn't infer they are "better" only that some people like the contemporary sonics.

The scarcity of old WE 300B tubes has no doubt contributed to their legend and outrageous prices. I've only heard 1 pair and thought them quite ordinary in fact.

Production hiatus due to relocation from Huntsville plant. Yes, some dealers have some. Expect to reissue March 2009, at the earliest.