Werner Jagusch Crossovers Damaged on Delivery - Can I Repair?

Hi All,

Long time first time. I just bought my dream speakers - Altec 846A w/ Werner Jagusch crossovers - but the Xovers took a spill in transit. Let's just say they were bounced around a good bit (through no fault of mine). A couple of terminal connectors broke off, pieces came unglued from the board... but nothing that seemed to say they were 100% destroyed.

I've negotiated with the seller on the issue, so at this point I'm mostly trying to determine if I can salvage these crossovers without ordering new ones, and if I risk damaging any of my equipment by hooking them up.

I've already got new connectors soldered on and everything glued back into place, but the one issue I'm concerned about are the "C-Cores" around the inductors. One of them came "unglued" and split apart, and the other has gaps in it where the epoxy can be seen.

Can I re-epoxy these back together? And if so, what's the appropriate product to use in this situation?
I've written to Werner but haven't heard back yet. Here are a couple of pictures of the units and the C-Cores, would appreciate any help if someone out there is knowledgable on this issue! 
Hot-melt, which seems to be how components are mounted is great for home projects, not too great if you are shipping things.

I can only see one half of the cores, in your pictures, the part outside the coil. What does the other side look like specifically is there a large gap or a small gap?

Looking at the one where the epoxy is separating, it looks like a fairly thick layer of epoxy. The issues is the inductance changes, significantly, by the total gap size. Get it wrong, and the inductor has changed a lot. If you know what the inductance is, then you can get it right if you have something to measure the inductance with.
Just buy new inductors from PartsExpress.
Given they are from appearance custom inductors, what is PartsExpress going to bring to the table?
Thanks so much for the help @audio2design! I also heard back from Werner and the move is to just super glue it back with the existing epoxy in place. Apparently it’s a small wedge so like you said the “gap” is intentional. 
Listening now and loving what I hear - so glad this wasn’t a total disaster!