Were to go after a Rega Planet 2000?


I have a planet 2000 and enjoy its sound. I like its tone, PRAT, timber etc... but I want more of it. I find that the Rega lacks authority when playing. It still sounds like a CD player (and a CD player at that) but not live music. I want something that has the good qualities of the Rega, but just expands on them. I want a player to take control and give me music which leaves little to none to complain about.

I really like my friends Wadia, but I simply can't afford one.
I love the way it portrays the music.

My budget is $750-$1000 plus what ever I can sell me Rega for.

I have been suggested the Sony DVP-9000es. From what I have read it is reasonably priced and sounds good. But it's a Sony, and I am unsure about it.

I will consider everything, my only request is no tubes. I think they are better served in the preamp. Thoughts and opinions welcome.

add a dac to it...ive heard comments from people who have added the Ack Dack to there rega planets and Jupiter's and seen significant improvement...
my new Ack Dack 2.0 should arrive in a couple of weeks ill let you know how it sounds.
the previous Ack can be had for about $350-400 used, the new Dack 2.0 for $795
I have just stepped up from an original Planet to an Audio Aero Prima. I really
liked my old Planet and was looking for a long time (6 months with Linn
Genki, 2 months with Unico CD) and could not find a replacement that pulls
me as much into the music as the Planet does. It is a little early to tell, but
right now the Prima sounds like the first player that I might keep after the
Planet. I saw you did not want tubes, but then in the Prima they are only
micro tubes with no possibility of tube rolling. Does that qualify as no tubes?

Also, there several posts on Agon by Howard (Boa2) and Warrenh on the AA
Prima. I think Boa2 used to have a Planet and Planet 2000 before as well.

Other that I considered but did not have a chance to listen to are Naim CD5i,
Jolida JD100A, Ack Dack....
I second the AAP. You can't go wrong..........
Yes, Rene, I did have the Planet and then the Planet 2000. I've also owned the JD-100A, a Sony XA7ES, and now the Prima. The Prima is an outstanding player. With jazz/classical/vocals, I think it's hard to find better unless you spend A LOT more money. The Audio Aero Capitole is marginally better and more refined, but even used it's nearly 3X the price of the Prima.

I've heard the Naim CD5i, and thought it was also a very good player. It didn't quite reach for the highs like some players do, but it was very engaging.

Good luck!
I will offer a strong endorsement for the Sony SCD-XA777ES, which can be had in the used market for around $1,300. I admit I have never listened to any of the Rega players, but I thoroughly enjoy my Sony, and can't imagine removing it from my system for a long time to come. The XA777ES is essentially identical to the newer 9000ES model, which you can confirm from the reviews on the 9000. The XA777 has exceptional build quality, wonderful sound, and the added bonus of being among the best SACD players available at any price. You certainly would not find the music reproduction of this player "lacking authority"!!

Good luck with whatever you eventually choose to do.

I moved from a Planet 2000 to a Sony DVP 9000 and preferred the Planet 2000, but the Sony could play DVD so I kept it. I think the Planet was warmer and more musical where the sony sounded more like typical HI FI to me.
It's kinda funny the dAck and the 9000es were the two player on my mind and both are very different.

I have considered buy a Ack dAck. They can be had for a good price used. I am just now sure HOW good they really are.

I have also considered the Sony 9000es, but once again I am wondering about HOW good it really is.

From what I understand the Ack has a fuller sound with less detail and the Sony is a little thinner but has great imaging, detail, authority etc...

Hard to decided. I will not be able to listen to either player before I make a purchasing decision, so I am kinda hoping you guys will be able to help me out. Redbook CD performance will be the deciding factor here, as I only own a few SACD's.
I've heard all of the Sony's mentioned here, and found them to be exactly as you describe: excellent detail, authority, and superb dynamics. And no midrange. The AA Prima is a much more intimate player, with a seductive midrange, and certainly enough detail and dynamics to keep most happy for a long time. It does not attack like the Sony, but it lets you into the music to a considerably greater level. When listening to the Sony players, I find myself admiring the player more than being taken in by the music. With the Prima, it is all about the music.

You could also try a Bel Canto DAC2 with your Rega. With an excellent digital cable, you will be within your budget, and well beyond the playback capabilities of the Rega.
Good luck,
I guess I should look elsewhere then. The reason I like the planet is because it plays music. I am wanting to add to the warm musicality of the rega. I want more detail, air, staging and depth etc... but not at the expensive of musicality, PRAT, tone, timber etc..

Can anyone comment on the Ack dAck in regards to this?
Nick, I was looking for exactly the same sound as you do. All o the other players I tried gave up some of the warmth and musicality of the Rega for detail and better soundstaging. The AA prima has a very similar top end to the Rega, with a little more extension and a more detail. The bass of the Prima compared to the original Planet is much fuller and extended as well. The shading of instruments and voices is much more realistic on the Prima. What I was admiring most about the Prima so far is that it does show more detail, better soundstage, more there with out giving up the warmth and musicality of the Rega. Oh, and the Prima looks a lot better than any of the pictures I have seen of it.

There's some comments about the Ack 2.0 over at Asylum. In comparison to he original Dack it is supposed to have much tighter detailed sound with much better PRAT which I heard was missing in the older version. Sorry for the second hand info on the Dack, but I thought it might help.

Good luck,

BTW I went from the Sony DVP 9000 ES to Muse model 9 gen 3 and am so happy. It is an extremely musical player, neutral and sonicly rich at the same time. You could also try Meridian 508/20 for about $1000.
You might be able to find a Classe CDP-1 for under $1K. Kinda like a Rega Planet 2000 on steriods.
Check out the Cairn Fog v2.0 24/192 player. I think this is what your looking for. There's a Review at 6moons.com
Enjoy the Music,
The Sony DVP9000ES is a mediocre redbook CD player. Not offensive, just not good. I did not listen to SACD when I owned mine, so I can't comment on SACD playback. It was a good DVD-Video player, but not exceptional. I doubt that you would prefer the Sony over the Planet for redbook CD playback.

That said, I can suggest the current Quad 99 CDP (not the old Quad 99). I have owned lots of players (but not the AA Prima :( ) and prefer the Quad to most that I have heard. It is an Absolute Sound Magazine recommended component and has gotten many rave reviews.

The Quad doesn't look like much, but it sounds great! It list for $1499 new and sells for about $850-1050 used. Make sure it is the current Quad 99 CDP (the "P" is important) and not the old Quad 99 CD player. There is a night/day difference as the original 99 was contract built and the new Quad 99 CDP is a Quad design.


What about a Rega Jupiter?
If you like what the planet does just want more, within your budget you should look at:

Rega Jupiter
Naim CD 5, CD 5i, CDX
Densen 400 plus (a sleeper)

Good Luck!
I agree with Muzikat.

If you really like the Rega planet 2000, Step up to the Rega Jupiter 2000. You won't look back. I purchased the Jupiter 2000 and i'm very happy.
Sounds just like what you're looking for.
You can buy one used for around $1000. used. If it's not your cup of tea, sell it for what you paid for it. It's a no brainer.
The Prima will smoke the Rega hands down and it would be garanteed that you will like it a lot better. I've owned both for a long time and it's way better. Something else to consider would be the Arcam FMJ DV27A. I think I ultimately would take it over the Prima, it's just a little tighter and extended, plus if you care it plays DVDs with awesome pictuer quality.

Another thing to consider with the Prima is the fact that it does have a tube output with soldered in tubes that require replacement every two years. You will have to send it back to an Audio Aero tech to do this, the sound will gradualy degrade, so it won't be totally obvious when the tubes are going.
FWIW my Muse CD player trounced the Sony SACD player. Have also read terrific things about the Quad CDP and almost bought one myself but it did not have DVD so I got Muse which is neck and neck with a $5500 Electrocompaniet.
A Sonic Frontiers SFCD-1 can be had used for about $1,000 (it listed for $3,750).

It is a truly excellent CD player by most anyone's standards.

It uses tubes in the output stage. Were you once electrocuted by tubes? I can think of no good reason to be against tubes in a CD player or a DAC (on the contrary, they almost always help to make digital sound more like music).

It's not that I have anything against tubes. I like them. But I am going to be upgrading my Blue Circle CS to a BC21.1 pre and BC24 power amp at some point.

If get a CD player with tubes, I would have tubes in the CD/pre/power.
Adding another set of tubes, would make the cost of replacing all of them even more expensive. And with tubes in both amps I don't think I would need some in my CD player too. Not that it would be a bad thing again. I am just try to keep the cost somewhat down.

Hope this helps to explain.

To everyone:
Can anyone else out there offer a comparison between a dAck! and any other high end players or converters? I think I would like to try a dAck! once my finances allow me to do so.

naim audio cd 3.5 with a flatcap.all of the planets attributes plus more muscle.
I was where you are at a few years back. My NAD 502 that I loved died, so I looked around, tried a Planet. Then Moved up to the Planet 2000. Then Sold that and bought a Wadia 3200 transport Supported by a Theta DAC. Sold that and what did I end up with? Another NAD 502. The sound/price just can't be beat. If I upgrade, I will probably buy a used Audio Research Transport" they're down freeway from me" and wadia DAC. Maybe another brand that I have yet to hear.lol.
Hey Nick,
Just to summarize some of the cross-posts and you
favouring a Wadia like voicing in the DAC. The dAck introduce no phase artifacts in the time domain and would probably more mirror Wadia products which accept a slight roll-off(measured) in the frequency domain. In terms of perception, I do not miss it but only noticed it at the beginning. The flip side is that my previous DAC now sounds bright to me.

M. Crespo is using a Rega Jupiter with his version 2.0 dAck and says that it compares favourably against the likes of Museatex and Tri-Vista. Not too shabby company!

The small signal tubes in tube preamps and tube DAC's typically cost +/-$10 each. I think there are two tubes in the output stage of the Sonic Frontiers CD player I mentioned. But let's assume there are four. That's about $50 to retube the CD player.

Even if you use the component in what I believe is the wrong way, which is to not leave it powered up 24/7 and turn it on and off for each listening session, you would probably get at least a year out of the tubes. Keep it powered up 24/7 and you will likely never lose a tube. Yes, I know that leaving tube gear powered up 24/7 is believed to wear out tubes. My position on this issue was expressed clearly in the following threads (I believe it is one of the biggest myths in audio):



If you were running tube monoblock amps with a lot of output tubes, then, yes, you would be in for a big tube bill one day. But with tube preamps and tube DAC's, unless you have to have expensive new-old stock tubes and you try to save tube life by regularly powering the component up and down (the tube equivalent of the "bleedings" that 19th Century doctors gave to their patients), tube cost will be a non-issue.

Returning to the issue of what CD player to buy at your budget, I do believe that that Sonic Frontiers unit is extremely competitive for the money. The Naim units mentioned are excellent, too, but my experience is that that are merely ordinary unless you use them with one of the expensive Naim power supplies, which takes them way out of your budget.
R32657, did you come to the conclusion more expensive players are not worth it? Sometimes I think this. Please elaborate if you can.

Nickway, try audio asylum. There's a guy over there with the same issue. heheehheee.
I'm another person who went from the Planet 2000 to the Jupiter 2000, and I think it is just great. I had a chance to A/B them both in my system, and there is a marked difference. The Jupiter is cleaner and more detailed, but yet has the same generic sound of the Planet.
I would say as a blanket that that's the case, but in my experience, some of the most disappointing stuff as been the really expensive. Case in point, a few years back i auditioned a Krell player/preamp that was about 9-12k, I forget. But it was very underwealming for the price. Revox was another brand that I thought was going to be great, but in the end, same let down.The old Proceed had a hard sound to it. I do like the wadia stuff, the NAD silver player and meridian player. I have not listened to a whole lot of other stuff. But for me, since I have way to many hobbies, I try and get the bast bang for the buck, not something that may be incrementaly better, but priced way out there. The only problem with the 502 is that the display likes to burn out it's bulb.
I have had so many CD & SACD players I can't remember them all. Many of which have been mentioned here. I bought the Quad 99 CD-P last summer to go with my all Quad system. This is far and away the best CD player I have owned, and a bargain to boot. The many rave reviews it has garnered are for once justified!

$1500 new, about a grand used, and worth every penny!
Creek! This is a link to my in home comparison of the Creek CD50, Cary 308, Rega Planet 2000, Roksan Kandy MkIII, Cambridge Azur 640c, and Arcam 73t.


I thought that the Rega was a wonderful piece but that it just didn't 'fit' in my system tonally. That being said the Creek had atleast as much PRAT, if not more, but I found it to be all around better in my system.

Another, and lesser known option, is an Italian brand called Bluenote. http://www.bluenote.it I have heard the Stibbert and it is the most magical organic PRATy CD player I have ever encountered. It has a 'baby' brother called the Koala which launched late last year. It is supposed to maintain most of the characteristics of its bigger brother, but be around $2k CDN.

It also may be worth looking into the Scott Nixon DACs as well, not all of them are Tube based and what little I've been able to dig up on his Sarudac+ sounds like a winner.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions,

Nathan Klassen
Quad somehow always come up with excellent CD Players, I own the CD67 and it sounds more like analogue than digital.

Was not impressed with Wadia in terms of price/performance ratio. Yet Marantz players I always thought were true value for money in any price bracket.

Quad 99 CDP should be on the top of your list used or new.
Hi Nick,

I'm curious what you have decided on... I'm pretty much in the same boat... Please advise.
here is one for you that hasn't come up....Mcintosh 205...audiophiles tend to look theother way when it comes to Mac...too bad its great stuff...I own a fair amount of Mac including this little gem...I also own a Linn Ikemi which I like alot but son of a gun if the Mac isnt right up there with it...I have heard Wadiia, ML 390s and even the Linn cd 12 all in my house...for dollars to donuts the Mac is a value
Right now I am in savings mode.

I have been doing a lot of reading and I am really interested in a Audio Note CD-1/1x Signature DAC combo and possibly the Resolution Audio Opus 21 (both used of course).

If I can't get enough money togther I will probably look at an Ack dAck 2.0 and a good transport.

What is everyones opinion of the players I listed here. Any comparisons made?

Audio Note: Perfect instrument timbre, yet a collapsed soundstage. Great for background music, but pretty unexciting sound to my ear.

Opus 21: Perfectly balanced, has every aspect nailed down in spades, except the most significant one...emotional involvement. Our AA Prima is not as detailed or dynamic as the Opus 21, but I find it to be considerably more engaging. If you really like the sound of the Planet, you will probably find that the Opus 21 is wonderful, even perhaps at the peak of that type of sound. Personally, however, I've decided that I could not again own a non-tubed player. Perhaps I'll be surprised one day, but I've yet to hear one that plays with the fleshy, palpable body that the tubed players do. Without that, I have only a cerebral connection with the music, and that's just not enough for me to take the player home...into my bedroom...under the covers...with the lights down low...the candles burning...and...oh forget it!

Nick...check out the Denon 1650...used to own the original REGA...and this was a major upgrade in terms of soundstaging,detail, and lack of grain...great player...and I didnt think cdps differed much!....ooops...
Hi Nick, I have a Planet 2000, and also thought it was a little bit lacking. After reading the planet2k review on ETM, where the reviewer raved over the Nirvana SL ics with the Rega, i tried them and Wadia know, he was right. An $800. cable on a $900. CD player seems kinda silly, but my Rega sounds much more natural and undigital like and i'm very happy with the sound. I picked up a slightly used Nirvana SL for $400., money well spent. Borrow a few cables to try from The Cable Companys library(what a great idea and great deal) and maybe you won't need to upgrade your player. Good luck and have fun, Alan
Nick, here's another thought, in my earlier post i praised the Planet2000/Nirvana SL ics combo, i love mine, but i'm considering trying the Audio Mirror NOS dac. I'm a fan of the Audio Note dacs( i'd consider the Audio Note kit dac modded for less $$ than the 1.1X) and you mentioned the Ack 2.0. I was considering the Ack until i read the forums on the Audio Mirror, and the consenses seems to be that the Ack is close, but the Audio Mirror is better and it sells for $500. I'm going to try one, nothing but praise on the forums, check it out. Also, what's wrong with the planet as a transport, i'd try it first before i sprung for a different transport. The Audio mirror dac and top cables would be under your budget.

I was supprised to see my old thread come up again. Thanks for the info, but I bought a new player about 5 months ago. I know have a Parasound (CEC) belt drive transport and a Wadia DAC. I am happy with both units.

A used Cary 303/200, 306/200, MF 308cr or Ayre CX-7 would all be an upgrade.
Hi Nick,

How do the two (transport and DAC) compare to the Rega Planet, now that you had them around for a while and listened to them some more? I always make up my mind on CDP's only after a couple of months: Only then do I find out whether I can live with them (already switched back to the Planet twice). My Audio Aero Prima is here to stay though.

All the best,