Went to see Monty Alexander at Blues Allley in DC

This was trio jazz at its best. The sound was good, not great (pretty hard given the room acoustics there), but it reminded me why listening at home is only part of the story -- watching these three guys respond to one another and have such fun creating from each other's ideas was simply an amazing experience.
Lucky you. Monty Alexander is fabulous. Who was playing with him?
Hello All,

I did not know Blues Alley was still up and running. I've seen many jazz acts there when I lived in the DC area. Since moving to Baltimore, I visited there to see the Buck Hill quintet some years ago. There is an Audio Club starting for Maryland/DC/Va participants. As a matter of fact, a friend and I went to a reel to reel tape presentation a few weeks back. It was awesome and the conversation was great as well. I am not sure that there is an Audio Club in your area, but let me know if there is.

Hey guys. Monty was playing with Hassan Shakur (bass) and a drummer who was fantastic, but unfortunatley, I don't remember his name.

Blues Alley is going strong, and I have seen a number of the old schoolers there, even in recent years. One real treat was seeing Charlie Byrd a few years before he died. Of course, the folks answering the phone there today didn't know the name of Monty's drummer either, so that's a little disappointing! Everytime I see some of the jazz legends, I find myself wondering what live jazz will be when they are gone.

I'm in the DC suburbs and was reminded how I really need to get to Blues Alley more often. I'd be interested in hearing more about the new MD/DC/VA audio club.

Hey, I finally got it. The drummer's name is Herlin Riley (used to play with Wynton Marsalis).

Here's a nice review of the trio:

That sounds like it was a great experience to hear (and see). That happens quite often that the sound is good but no at its best as a result of the acoustics in the venue where the music is being played.