went digital now upgrade from proac tablette 8

i have recently went digital. i had an audio research vt60 running my proac tablette 8's and now i have them with an ps audio trio c-100. my source is mostly apple lossless ripped cd's via PS Audio DigitalLink III DAC. i also listen to records sometimes via a music hall 5.1 turntable (nothing special) the proacs have lost some of their warm sound (kinda knew they would). they still sound ok but the lack of bass is now more obvious. the proacs were my first speaker and have served me well in my small listening room (13x13x7'4 high) but i think its time to get something else. my town doesn't have may higher end audio stores for local listening is not an option.any direction is appreciated,my budget is less than $1500 new or used (looking at mostly monitors) and i listen to electronic, indie rock, acoustical guitar, and some vocal stuff.