Wells Innamorata vs CODA 15.5??????????

Narrowing my search down and these two are part of it.

The two speakers I am pondering on are Legacy Whisper HD and Salon 2's

Both spkrs would be separately AB bass bi-amp'ed.

Room is large enough for sure.

Wondering if anyone has heard the two amps mentioned in the HEADER?

And also if they have heard the two spkrs mentioned being driven by them for comparison?

The Wells states 120 @ 8 and 200 @ 4.
No amperage's or uF's given on specs
Reading into this a bit I wonder if the Bybee rails may have an impact on the Wells demonstrable measurements and may not convey the power to drive higher spl's even though they seem to have that ability from info and reviews.
S/N -103db
Mostly class A.

The C15.5

150 @ 8 300 @ 4
2 x 2000 'roids...LOL
No uF's listed
100A peak
S/N >120 db

The CODA states that it is better suited for low impedance/ high current apps.

My guess is, for wtf that is worth,CODA - S2 and Wells - Whisper HD.

Just really would appreciate some from those EXPERIENCED WITH THE AFOREMENTIONED components.

Pre amps etc also appreciated pls?


I cannot speak on your speakers or the 15.5. But I do currently own and love my Coda CSi integrated amp. Runs my set of Tyler Acoustic Woodmere II speakers (hard to drive as well with their 4 ohm impedance). Could not be happier...The Coda does not disappoint in my house...see my system
FYI, I ran across one review that said the CODA 15.0 has 184,000 uf. The Salon 2s do need big power reserves to provide strong dynamics.
For what it's worth, (I've listened to Whispers, owned Helix and Focus, and owned Salon 1s, listened several times to Salon 2s) I'd buy the Whispers. They have a way of producing music that is just uncanny. The Salon's sound is what impresses audiophiles maybe music lovers not so much. Also while the Salons specs claim they go down to the 20s, (and I believe this to be true),it is a misrepresentation in a way, because they just don't move much air which to me became very frustrating. The Whispers present a holographic picture of the musical performance. While listening to them I have never noticed that they don't go down to subterranean levels sounding more like Magnepaplanars then cone speakers. They just get out of the way of the music and sound right. This is true of early models through today's current production.

As for Coda, you should call Doug Dale at Coda and speak with him about which of the Coda amps work well with Whisper. I believe they have a set there. I also own Coda amps (CS and CSX) (replaced now with TS I believe) which I know Bill Duddleston uses to design the entire Legacy line.

You might also give Mr. Duddleston a call at Legacy Audio. He likes to speak with potential customers.
You are more than welcome to contact me if you need more info.