Wells Audio MAJESTIC or Modwright KWI-200 Integrated Amplifier

Hello, I have a pair of Daedalus Audio Muse Speakers, my current amp is a Shindo Appetite, I borrowed a Redgum 35w per channel on my system the other day and it definitely sounds better than the Shindo on my speakers. So I think I am going to dump the Shindo and any Tube amp for that matter and go for SS Integrated AMP.

I have read many times that Shindo pairs with Devore and that Daedalus pairs with Modwright, but also read that the Wells Integrated, the Majestic is a Gem, I don't have dealers near me so audition is complicated . 

Any insight between these 2 Integrated SS amps ?

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Of course modwright...i have one and there there the...kidding...Im using one with atc 19 and man... its a nice match...w/mod it has the nice warmth combined with atc precision...enough power to drive them the way they should...modwright has the nice lowend ext and tube/ss warmth that the atc I believe needed for my music tastes...jazz/rb

Was getting upgrade itch and glad i didn't...give dan a call he is a great guy and very knowledgeable...especially with Daedalus...