Wells Audio Majestic or a pair of Pathos Classic MKIII ?

For most of the year, I run tube separates, including a fabulous Wells Audio Commander preamp, paired with upgraded MFA M120 mono amps. During the relatively short warm season in the Pacific Northwest, I turn to a Wells Majestic Integrated, which has been upgraded by Wells. It’s a great amp and I love it almost as much as my all-tube system. My speakers are primarily Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage. I don’t play my system at high volumes and don’t listen to metal, etc., but rather to large and small scale classical, works, lots of jazz vinyl (Blue Note, Prestige, Atlantic, etc.), and some other genres- pretty much anything which doesn’t raise my blood pressure. Little to no pop even classic rock, and I’m too old to care about songs full of youthful angst. :)

But being a very visual guy and somewhat of an "Italophile" (if that’s even a word) I must say I love the looks of the Pathos and have been musing about running a pair of those in mono, instead of the Majestic. I’ve read some reviews of the Pathos and they are favorable. This is not to say that the Wells Majestic doesn’t look good- it certainly does.

Is there anyone with real-world experience who cares to comment? Calling Mr. Doug Schroeder, are you out there sir? :)

Thanks in advance.
Thanks so much, Doug. I only posted a few hours ago, so rest assured you are "on it". :)

I can say with great certainty, that the Wells Commander makes for a lovely match with my vintage mono tube amps. I’d be very reluctant to part with those amps and likely will not. The synergy with the Commander is excellent and, as a plus, I continue to enjoy the "organic" look of glowing KT88’s or 6550’s in my darkened, dedicated listening room.

Again, I have no quibbles nor nits to pick with the Wells Majestic- the Majestic continues to sound great and has been completely reliable.  The reason for my post is that I find the Pathos visually quite appealing and your and other reviews give it (them) high marks.

I’m going to read your review of the Legacy Audio i.V4 Ultra shortly. Thanks again, sir.
I just read Doug's excellent, rave review of the Legacy Audio i.V4 Ultra.  These amps could be game-changers for some.  

I've had Guarneri's and had Pathos Inpol 2 with them, before switching to amp and pre amp that were more suitable for GH.
At the same period tried few Pathos Classic amps as well (mk1,2,3) out of curiosity, at my home, from friends that I know.
I have not tried the 'mono' version that you wonder about, so cant comment on that, but for any of those amps, the Guarneri is 'too much' of a speaker.
Of course, the Inpol 2 sounded better that Classic's, but I would not recommend it for Guarneri.
 Yes, it got the looks, it even sounds quite nice, but I managed to make GH sing only with Krell Evo 302.
Even with Burmester 956 mk2 that I had at the same time, I felt the speakers could deliver more....with 'better' amp...
I listen almost only jazz from '55-'65. 
I have not heard amy of other amps that you mention...
Obviously not a lot of folks here who have experience with either the Wells Majestic or the Pathos Classic MKIII in mono mode.  But thanks Doug and alexatpos for your posts.
I've made a couple of inquiries about the Legacy Audio i.V2 Ultra. Legacy informed me that the amp would pair nicely with my Wells Commander, so that's interesting.  

"Problem" solved, and don't we all love simple solutions?  I’m going to use the Wells Commander preamp paired with the Wells Majestic Integrated. I’ve got ’em hooked up and am quite pleased.  So I've got tubes in the pre and lots of sweet, quiet wattage from the integrated.

Done (at least for now), and back to listening to the music and not thinking about the gear. And instead of enjoying the glow from the KT88’s in a dimly lit room, I’ve got the big round Wells meters. Heck, I might even decide to sell my tube tester. :)