Wells Audio Akasha Amplifier- Any owners here?

I've read some great things about this amp but have not had an opportunity to hear it. I'm also wondering how it would mate with an excellent tube preamp.

Any info you folks have will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Schroeder's review is soooo over the top that it makes me very skeptical of this product. Who knows, maybe it is the Holy Grail of amps? But I am reserving judgment until I can cadge a sample myself for listening/review...

Not that model, but I did have an audition of their Innamorata amp at a recent AXPONA show. It was used in a system playing master tapes driving TAD speakers, and I have to admit that the system was one of the best I've ever heard. There was an amazing tonal density along with a very natural sense of decay that is rarely reproduced so well. I know that a master tape source is known for providing these attributes, but the rest of the system has to be up to the task and the Wells Audio amp certainly was. It's presentation was completely effortless and a joy to listen to, very involving!
I've read nothing but great things as well about the Wells Audio amps but there's a guy on Audiocircle that replaced his Innamorata with a Aaron No.3 amp and says it bested the Wells amp in every way. The Aaron amp is cheaper too!
Scott Frankland is closely involved with design and production of the Wells amps, which makes me figure that they are very, very good indeed.

Only a home trial will tell me if the Akasha is a good choice in my system, but I'm hoping to get as much information here and elsewhere before I commit to that.
I auditioned about half a dozen amps (both solid state and tube) and ended up purchasing a Wells Innamorata Signature amp. The Wells amp bettered all the others I listened to in the areas of tonality, soundstage width and depth, dynamics, and clarity.
Yeap, that was me...the one that replaced Innamorata in my system with the Aaron no3 amp...not missing the Wells amp at all...Innamorata is a great amp, one of the best I've heard, but in my system, Aaron does add the cherry on top...:)...the height of the soundstage increased...and the 'organic' feeling of the voices is the thing that pushed me towards the Aaron...:)
Nice lasi!

Don't know if Wells Audio or their dealers offer a trial period but Aaron Amps have a 30 day money back guarantee from the delivery date. From what I read I believe the Akasha runs around $4k, while the Aaron No.3 is around $2800.

Just food for thought for the OP. I just picked up a pair of Stratos amps that I've sent to get upgraded to Kismet by Klaus at Odyssey, otherwise I would be very interested in the Aaron.

Good luck!
I demoed the Innamorata, then purchased one. Loved how clear everything sounds, at that same time as being smooth, rich and with great texture. Not a hint of a 'resistor sound' and no drawbacks of tubes. Like having the best of both, with the sound of neither... The Akasha should be similar.
I'm very much a tube guy, but if I ever go to separates, the Innamorata will be in my top 3 amps to consider. Amazing depth and space and tonality. I've not heard the Aksasha, but I'd assume it's quite good too.
"and no drawbacks of tubes."

Other than having to replace them every couple of years or so, I am hard pressed to think of any "drawbacks".

I greatly appreciate all the responses. My amplifiers are MFA M-120 B. 4 KT88's in each. They have been significantly upgraded but not maxed out. They are paired with an MFA Luminescence pre-amp which HAS been maxed out by Mr. Frankland.

I've enjoyed these components for many years and the sole reason I'm curious about other electronics at this point is, simply, curiosity. IF I were to change amplification, I'd have to have an extremely compelling reason. The Luminescence is a lifetime keeper. :)