Well Tempered Turntable Specifications

I'm considering getting a Well Tempered Record Player, mabye even the Reference Turntable, but I have been unable to find any specifications for wow and flutter or rumble. Were the specs ever published in the owner's manual? Did an independent lab ever measure a sample of this turntable? Google searches came up dry.
May I ask why you really need those specs? The tables are great at retrival and can't see you going wrong with either model. I would ad, if your going for the reference? Then look for the Amadeus.
You will not hear any rumble.
The tables are dead silent and cleverly made. I am not crazy about the tonearms, but this is my personal preference. The WT to get these days appears to be the Amadeus. It has a bevy of fans here. Comes with yet another goofball, errr golf ball bearing.
I've owned a WTRP and agree with Lewm that the bearing design makes rumble a non-factor. However, that same bearing design makes it difficult to achieve speed stability as the table has to be absolutely level and the belt tensioned very precisely. Even with the OEM belt it was tough to get it right; with any of the stretchier 3rd party belts it was impossible. While I was able to deal with the quirkiness of the tonearm, I was never satisfied with the speed.

I suspect that may be why you don't see wow/flutter/rumble specs.

The arm is one of the things I like about the table, it's one of a few that you can adjust the azimuth on while the test record is playing. I got to hear an earlier Well Tempered Reference Table, and while I couldn't hear any rumble, a test tone sounded just a bit watery (I didn't have my W & F meter with me or I would have measured it then and there.) I should probably consider another table, but use the Well Tempered Arm.
Adding "Amadeus" to my search query led me to a different site. It looks like the most current production tables are made in China. But there is a page at welltemperedlab.net that gives the specs for the Amadeus. Rumble is less than 50 db below a 100 Hz tone at 1cm/sec reference level and wow and flutter is given at 0.04% using the JIS standard.
Another option is to buy a used original WT and buy all of the tweaks and upgrades sold for it. I've enjoyed my WT since the 80s and when its set up right its hard to beat. The belt is critical, so count on a new belt every year. As the belt stretches, the sound quality diminishes.