Well Tempered Turntable set up questions

Looking for further thought on setting and checking anti-skate with the paddle and fishing lines?

Also, I tried the Dynamat Original under the original platter which many people use on older tables like mine. They say it simulates the new Black Platter in terms of adding blackness to the background and deeper bass. I got the opposite effect. After achieving the best sound ever from the table with many days and hours of setup, test records, and tuning by ear, applying the Dynamat sucked all the life out of the music. Like an acoustically dead room. Thin sounding, recessed, faint. I took it back off. In using this Dynamat, will I have to readjust the entire arm? My bass is deep, tight, and strong now. I have the table sitting on 60 lbs of granite and maple (30lbs each). Love it!!!!!!!! Best I have ever heard.

Thanks for any help!

If using any mat, you will have to readjust the arm. Not only will VTA be effected, but because the VTA is changed by the thicker surface, the VTF will also be reduced. This is because the arm pivots in the plane of the record. As you raise the arm, the stylus pressure is increased because of the placement of the pivot point.

I have not heard that mat. Rarely have I heard any (soft material) mat that does not deaden the sound. I would have to audition that mat on a Well Tempered and make associated arm adjustments to know, but I doubt it would be an improvement. I used to sell the Well Tempered and have setup many. When properly done, it is one hell of a table!