Well Tempered Turntable help needed

I just picked up an older Well Tempered turntable and can't get in touch with the fellow from Stanalog.
Are there any other sources for an owner's manual, fluid, etc.?
Thanks in advance,
Steve Ford
I can send you 2 or 3 different manuals via PDF if you email me.

As far as getting in contact with George, that can be tough sometimes. You might try these guys:


They probably know the viscosities you need for the damping well and the bearing.

I had the same problem too all I did was go to their website place my order pay with my credit and they ship my order.
there's a new(?) web site, welltemperedlab dot net-- and an email address: info@welltemperedlab.net. Perhaps you can get help there also? (The web site shows a picture of the Well Tempered Amadeus turntable-- but presumably they'd be able to help with accessories for the previous well tempered models...)
Hello;Armstrod,i have th same problem,can not find the 'Owner Manuel'(Well Tempered Reference turntable).Would you mind email the 'Owner manuel to me.Thanks.