Well Tempered TT and Power Plant 300

Should a Power Plant P300 connected to my Well Tempered turntable result in the same level of sonic improvement as the outboard VPI or Walker devices? Any " feedback " before I make a purchase would be greatly appreciated. Ed
The advantage of the P300 is that it can help improve all of your front-end gear. If the TT will be the only component plugged into the P300, then I would opt for the VPI/Walker. Goodluck.
I am not sure I understand.I have a Well Tempered Classic turntable.The motor is Isolated from the Table and only connected via the Belt.How is a PS 300 or any other device going to help this Turntable.I can see the benifits of the PS 300 on the Preamp ,Amp.LMK if i am off base.
I think that you could only use the PS Audio at the 60 hz setting, or, if you get the Multiwave option, the PS2 setting (which is better, in my view, than the 90 hz setting), because of the turntable motor. That eliminates some of the options you would get with the P300, if you were plugging other equipment into it. I have a P300 and a Walker, but only plug the digital front end into the P300. The Walker is an effective unit; I like it because you can set the speeds precisely, and don't have to change the spindle on the TT (that, unfortunately, is how it works with my Basis. You have it easier with the WTT, because you just slip the belt down or up on the spindle. If you're just looking for filtering, if you see someone selling a Bylux filter for a WTT, that has a similar filtering effect and is less expensive (I have one I used before I got the Walker, but it's for a Basis, and I don't know if it would work for the WTT).
Will the P300 perform the same function as the Walker, with the added benefit of being able to plug in the digital transport, dac, and preamp? Thanks, Ed
I would advise against putting both digital and analog gear in the P300 (or the same P300, actually). My experience is that you try to isolate your digital components from the rest of the system, because they throw a lot of hash back into your power lines. The PS Audio is good, but I don't think it's good enough to isolate everything that's plugged into it from each other. I think Paul McGowan could help you here, if you check out the website; when I e-mailed him with a similar question, he suggested plugging the digital front end in, as I had a lot of equipment and only four outlets.