Well Tempered Tonearm Problem

Acquired a WT Classic recently from a friend who needed money...hence, the condition issue. There is a problem (few problems?) although it seems to play OK. The paddle shaft/ring is not centered in the circular reservoir...this seems to cause the arm to drift as if there is too much anti-skate correction (at least I believe it is the cause of the drift)...the anti-skate thumbwheel is maxed out so adjusting is not possible. If I pull up on the one fishing line (right-hand one if facing the table) to center the paddle, the azimuth is off at the cartridge...and then if I adjust the azimuth to correct that, there is way too much resistance in the up/down movement of the arm. I am thinking that somehow there is too much line on the side I am pulling on and that I should wrap the line 1 or 2 more turns around the azimuth adjustment knob (the manual is silent on these types of adjustments except for adjusting azimuth via the knob). I'm uncertain how to even give that a try as I'm not certain how the knob comes free (I've pulled on it gently to know avail but I think it is a friction fit and not threaded). I'm basically clueless so any assistance, a manual, a new direction to continue in or another contact would be incredibly appreciated. Many thanks.

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I've had one if these for the last 15 years. If there is "way too much up down resistance" then the paddle may be too deep in the silicone cup. Bringing up both sides of the paddle will reduce the damping. The azimuth knob is not a friction fit. there is a set screw on the back. loosen it and pull out the azimuth knob. then you can slightly raise the other side(left, looked at from the front) via the small screw that holds the line from the left side under the azimuth knob. once this is done,replace the knob,tighten the set screw, and adjust azimuth.Repeat until you get the correct damping for your particular cart. Yea I know it is a pain but once everything is dialed in, things will stay stable.Oh, when an adj. is made you will need to wait 5 min or so for thethings to settle in the silicone.Remember the further apart the lines are the more antiskate.Closer,less antiskate.
Note that you can buy turntables bearing the Well Tempered nameplate from two completely different companies.

One is Stanalog, at the address Audiomax supplies above. They are the distributor of the successor to your Well Tempered Classic.

The other is Well Tempered Lab.


This is William Firebaugh's current enterprise, the source of the new Well Tempered Amadeus series. Possibly you would have more luck contacting Mr. Firebaugh through them.

However Stanalog may be able to give you all the help you need.
Also...the original manual states that when set up properly, the arm should require absolute minimum anti-skate, as the silicone also prvides resistance to the arm wanting to move inward too. So, the thumbwheel should almost have those two arms together.....looks like mine has a bit over .5mm between them.

Also note, I have had my WTT for over 20 years.....only recently noticed the teflon screw (and screwdriver access hole) in the back of the arm to lock in your azimuth.....so that the rear fishing line does not drop. Mine was always firm, so never realized it was there!

When those are set up, your paddle should center.
You might have a bad golf ball. Try switching to a Titleist.
Grimace, I dunno if the OP plays golf, but his WT Classic is an older design and it
don't have no ball. ;o)

Pics of the Classic are around the Internet...