Well Tempered/ Stanalog gone?

Does anyone know what's up with Stanalog? The phone has been disconnected and I'm not getting any email back. The store is still up on yahoo though.

To my knowledge, Stanalog no longer exists or at least no longer has proprietorship over WTT. I believe Bill Firebaugh took the name back and now markets a new version of his table. I used to own a WTT CLassic and repeated calls to Stanalog for anything having to do with WTT were impolitely ignored. I believe parts, motors, arms, etc might still be available and hopefully another A-Goner will provide you with sources.
I received responses to emails within 24 hours of them being sent about a month ago. He sent me an owners manual in Word and responded to a question regarding an accessory shipment.
I am in need of 1 part that connects the arm to the paddle (well) . This is for a basic arm that was sold by Transparent before it was purchased by George Stanawick. The arm is carbon fiber. Any assistance is appreciated.
Part has no name , it connects to the arm itself.

Will consider buying new basic Carbon Fiber arm.

No return calls from him. Fax not accepted and e-mail not returned after several attempts.

So much for that action!