Well Tempered SIMPLEX or Rega RP6

Considering these two tables in the $1500-$2000 price range. I am already a fan of the Amadeus, and know it's sound well. I am hoping someone has an impression of how these two compare. Thanks !
I think you answered your own question. Knowing how good the Amadeus sounds should resolve the issue, IMHO. I have owned and heard Regas and I can't imagine that the RP6 could match the magic of a WT design.

Disclaimer: Rabid Amadeus owner.

Gotcha, and no doubt the Amadeus is quite special. I just thought since I have an Amadeus in my main system, maybe be a little more adventurous for my second system. I really like the looks, push-button speed setting, and cue lever on the RP6. Those ease of use features fall in to what I am looking for in a second system. However, its near time to pull the trigger, and I know best sound is #1 priority.
Well Tempered and Rega in the same sentence? Oh my...
Can't you add the cueing device to the Simplex?

I agree about the speed changes. A pushbutton would be nice on the Amadeus.

Hi Shakeydeal- I believe you can, but not sure if I will get it. I have certainly gotten used to not having it on the Amadeus. How are you liking the Benz on the Amadeus ? I think that arm works with a pretty wide array of cartridges. I see your wall mount setup. I will be wall mounting this time, and am intrigued by the springs you are using. Are they the one's from Geoff Kaitt's company, the Co. name escapes me....
I think the Benz sounds great on the Amadeus.

Yes, that is a Promethan Base from Geoff Kait. I just mounted it to the wall. Works very well.

the simplex, of course. sonically, i can't imagine any rega design besting a wtl table. you'll get used to the lack cue lever. for that reason alone i debated b/w simplex and versalex. i chose simplex over other wtl tables. i simply prefer the no nonsense design and appearance. i figure that if i ever tire of its appearance, i'll paint it ferrari yellow. mated with wtl dps and dynavector xx2 mkii, it's tough to beat.
Thanks for your opinion Allhaildawg. Not sure if you caught it earlier in this thread, but I have an Amadeus in my main system. I am used to, and don't mind the lack of a cue lever. I can't argue anything that Mr. Firebaugh has done to extract this much performance for under 3K. I do think it would be cool to have the Rega's PB speed setting @ Cue lever in the 2nd system. I have only heard a Rega on an unfamiliar speaker once, which is the reason for this post. So you compared the Simplex, to Versalex, but no Amadeus...? May I ask what phono stage you are using w/ the XX-2 ? The phono stage is the last thing I have to buy to wrap things up here. FWIW, I am heavily leaning WT here, and plan to pull the trigger before X-mas. Thanks again !