Well Tempered Signature turntable and arm

since yesterday i have a Well Tempered Signature turntable with matching tonearm.
Unfortunatelly there are so little informations about this product.
The only source for me is on vinylengine.com, from the seller and from an ad reputedly of 1989, but i am not shure if some of these informations are correct:

- prduction date: at the latest from 1989 till at least 1995
- 50 pieces made
- more expensive than WT Reference
- it should be exposed in the Museum of Modern Arts in NY (but i have just found the Well Tempered chair by Ron Arad, sic!)

Have you any correct informations about this nice turntable?

Maybe any cartridge recommendations? I will try my Decca / London Reference Cartridge and DV XV-1s, i think both of them match it quite good.
hi, is there nobody who have any experiences or informations?
No, I think you're probably on your own rocking that table. Thats not to say I'm not slightly envious.

I considered a DV XV-1s for my Well Tempered Ref, but ultimately decided against going with a cart that expensive. FWIW I'm really enjoying a Zu 103 prime on my WTR.

Do you have some pics posted of your sig?
I used a Marigo modded, full loaded WT in the mid 90's, when I remember right, I used Lyra and Benz cartridges. I think, a cartridge which does not reflect a lot of energy into the Arm would be my choice today, Zyx Airy 3 for example.
This turntable was indeed made only in a limited quantity of 50 units worldwide, the included tonearm was made to match this turntable but could be purchased by order with a different base. It was the best turntable and tonearm Well Tempered ever made. The Reference was great too but had a different platter (more interior damping). The Signature tonearm was 10" and stainless steel, suitable also for heavier moving coils, the Reference arm only 9" long and lightweight carbon structure. Stay with your Signature, it was their best.
Thanks for your answer. After some monthes with the London Reference Cartridge mounted in it, that was really very good, i will mount the DV XV-1s this weekend.
Any comparisons with the new Well Tempered tables with the Golf ball? Rave reviews but are they really better than the old tables? I had a Well Tempered Classic that I foolishly sold!
May i invite you to this new group:
Happy New Year to everyone!

Is there any other WT Signature owner here? Or maybe former owner? Any informations, recommendations, etc?
I owned the original Well Tempered years ago, and sold and set up quite a few over the years. The latest golfball version is a joke. It is simply an exercise of how to reduce the manufacturing costs and claim it's better. I would rather have the original. By the way they released the Well Tempered player - a cheaper version of the original, and that was junk as well. The Signature is the best by miles, followed in my view by the original.
Hi Dover, what is the original one? Can you post any link or picture, maybe date of manufacturing? Maybe even per private mail. Thanks very much!
Original WT came out mid/late 80's looked like Classic. I'm very rusty but from memory models were
Well Tempered ( original ) - there were some upgrades, a dished platter and clamp came out and then from memory a black platter.

The Well Tempered Record Player - this was a dumbed down cheap version with smaller plinth and simplified arm.
Well Tempered Classic - most closely resembles the original. http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=80038.0
Well Tempered Reference - similar to Classic & original but had 4 layer corian plinth.
Well Tempered Signature

Hope this helps.
"01-02-12: Dover
I owned the original Well Tempered years ago, and sold and set up quite a few over the years. The latest golfball version is a joke. It is simply an exercise of how to reduce the manufacturing costs and claim it's better. I would rather have the original. By the way they released the Well Tempered player - a cheaper version of the original, and that was junk as well. The Signature is the best by miles, followed in my view by the original."

I owned an original "classic" WTT and then a WTR.. That was quite a while back. I now own the Well Tempered Amadeus and can assure you and the rest of the world that the WTA is head and shoulders above the old designs. The thing just gets out of the way and makes music with little or no sensation that it's coming from a turntable.

Older/used Well Tempered products have become something akin to "white elephants". I see people asking close or even more for them than it would cost to acquire the new WTA - and that is a bad deal. Add to that the fact the the older tables are not supported by the company - Stanalog - that acquired the rights to produce/service the old stuff.. BAD DEAL ALL THE WAY AROUND.
I am very sorry but I have just noticed your post for the first time.

I actually owned two Well Tempered Signature turntables for several years. Sold the last one in 2005.

Astonishingly good tables.

If you are still interested - send an e-mail through A'gon.

It's true the higher up the dollar ladder you go with a Well Tempered Turntable the nicer they get. Still, I would challenge anybody to actually tell the difference in models, including your Signature, under normal listening conditions and volumes. As a huge fan of the product I envy your find. Very nice indeed.

Bill Firebaugh once assembled a table out of junk materials at a trade show. He used a golf ball for the arm paddle. I'm told he felt it was a better shape and texture than the original flat paddle.

The carbon Well Tempered arms were sand filled which made them slightly heavier than the metal arms. There are various arm tower designs which in the end do the job.

IMO the most significant upgrades were the black platter, large reference clamp, and the replacement for the original square motor. The Reference arm was simply easier to adjust.

Mr. Firebaugh proved that a Well Tempered even made of junk will better many mechanical tables costing much more.

Yes, I have a Signature...sublime sound.

I found you again. This is Mohan Shivdasani. Sorry for the less than spectacular lunch in a town, on the Alababe border, that I cannot remember. How are you?

I still have the table and the Benz, and it has given me many hours of beautiful sound. Unfortunately I have forgotten your knowledge on fine tuning the arm.

I hope your well. I will try and reach out to you through Audiogon to catch-up.

Dear Frend
If you ever want to sell this turntable, please contact me
David Spry
David on the West Coast and others interested in the WT Signature limited Edition,

Mine is not for sale. i am the humble person that bought it from Julian Price.

However there are two new distributors, one in Canada (charisma) and one in the US (the Dynavector Distributor) that have taken over from the useless Stanalog. They are far more responsive. Charisma will send you a manual for the Signature LTD EDITION, in a heart beat. Toffco-usa will help all WT owners, and even help you find reputable repair shop in your area.

There is hope again!
Oh, these are very good news. Now we (and i) just need someone in Europe!

Any other cheaper cartridge recommendation for about 1000 USD (new or even used)?
My WTS is now not playing, i have sold my DV and London cartridges and would like to reactivate the nice Well.
They have distribution worldwide, find your European distributor of WTL on their official website: http://www.welltemperedlab.net/welltemperedlab/where-to-buy/

I have asked same question as the new Well Tempered LTD to earm now available separately from turntable and cheap as chips:

Any feedbacks about it ?
I've had the original WWT in my system since they first came out. I bought it new. Over the years, I've added several mods. The Brass clamp for the tonearm well was a significant improvement. Rewiring the arm with Cardas wire was another. If you own this table, a custom belt from Originlive.com is an absolute must. The WWT when properly set up, with a few mods as described, will hold its own with tables FAR, FAR more expensive. They're a bargain on the used market. Just be sure you have a WWT guru available to set it up properly. Lucky for me, I have Elliot Midwood of Acoustic Image within driving distance. http://www.acousticimage.com/
How do you place it? Did you change the small rubber feets? What kind of base or table do you use under it?
Some users should have changed the rubber feets against spikes and place it on thick slate base. Oder like plywood plate...
Hi, Breezer ...

Yes, I removed the rubber feet years ago. The table rests on little donut shaped dampers, and in each "hole" rests a tungsten carbide ball bearing. Underneath the "ball bearing" feet, is two slabs of marble with damping material sandwiched between the layers. Then, it rests on a custom rack. Three 1/4" plywood boards come together to make up each shelf ... with more of the damping material between the layers. Its finished off really well ... and it is spiked through the carpet and into a raised wood foundation. It sounds great!
This is in response to the best cartridge for WTT

All my research shows that a Benz or Grado work well.

Oregonpapa: As Elliot is within driving distance of you, that means Brooks Berdan (R.I.P.) also was. Did you prefer Elliot's work to that of Brooks, when he was alive? Brian Berdan, who trained by his father in turntable set-up (Brooks' claim to fame, of course), now takes care of many of Brooks' long-time customers at his new shop in Pasadena, Audio Elements.

I knew of Brooks Berdan but never used his services, so I cannot compare his work with Elliot's. In today's world, Elliot seems to have the WWT under control. Its kind of a love/hate relationship. He hates to set them up, but then always says ... "when set up properly, the WWT is one of the best out there, surpassing tables costing much, much more." And besides ... you really couldn't find a cooler person than Elliot to deal with.
I love Elliot. Bought his demo Atma-Sphere M-60's right as he was giving up the line, when he still had the storefront. A really principled, ethical guy.
I had the Atma-Sphere M-60's in the system for a couple of years on loan from a friend. Lovely sounding amps for sure. Ralph's audio gear makes music.
Yeah, but 8 power tubes for only 60w! Double that for two channels. I didn't ask Elliot why he was giving up the Atma-Sphere line. I know he liked the Joule products a lot, but that was a while back.
Back to the WWT Signature Turntable!!!

I snapped one of the fishing lines holding the arm in the silicone bath. I called the distributors mentioned above and finally took it into a rep -- The new Best Buy's of Atlanta. A new life, a new day, will keep the community posted.

WTR cartridge, suggest Benz, Grado or Dyanavector (on lower end TT's)