Well Tempered Reference Vs Nottingham


Has anyone compared a Well Tempered Reference TT Vs the Nottingham line? I currently have an older Well Tempered reference: fountainhead base, square motor, reference carbon arm & composite platter & Shelter 901 + Atma pre & amp.

I've been extremely pleased with it but it's time to move on after 15 years. I'm looking for something contemporary that can be had for around 2,500 that also exceeds the performance of my table.

If anyone has any thoughts, I'd appreciate any comments.


the well tempered/w arm competes way over the 2500 mark.
I agree with Jaybo. This would be a step backward.
Agreed. The WTT Ref competes closely with most out their under $6K.
Dear Steve: I agree with all other people about.

IMHO if you want to improve your analog quality sound reproduction you can/could go to other two " roads ": a new cartridge and/or a new Phonolinepreamp, your TT is a very good one and even if you change it for other " better " one maybe you can't improve the sound at the same wide level than with the other suggested changes.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Hi, your WTT is miles ahead of a $2500 Nottingham. Going Nottingham would be taking a few steps backwards.

Like others have said, there is not much if any at $2500 new or used that would match your WTT.
Hi Steve, Try a VPI SDS or even better a Walker Motor Controller. You may decide to keep your table for another 15 years. It will make an impressive improvement.
Everyone that responded,

Thanks so much: my wife thanks you probably more than I do.
I'm sure all of you get the itch to upgrade and that's what I'm going through. I believe that I can upgrade the motor so I'll probably do that.

Guess I'll check with you guys again in the year 2023.
Hifibri: You have read my mind. I have had a Well Tempered Reference table and arm for about 17 years and have really gotten the upgrade itch. I am now waiting for my Walker Motor Controller to arrive and will see if it does it. If it doesn't then I'll be looking at $10000 to upgrade.
Well Tempered Reference table is a classic..remains a formidable turntable against many more pricey tables in todays time..Once owned and felt miserable when I sold mine.
Keep it and you will never regret it..It has served you well and will for a long long time..
YOu sell it and you will be sorry ..
If any of you wanted to "upgrade" from the Well Tempered Reference, what would you get?
My $.02. I too think that the WTT is a great and novel design. And I agree with others that a Walker or other high quality motor controller will provide an amazing improvement that you won't believe until you hear it. However, I personally have never been a fan of the WT tonearm. I think it's over-damped and squeezes the life out of at least the cartridges that I've heard on it. If one wanted to mount a different tonearm on the WTT, one's choice might be limited to surface-mount types, but I think it might make for an interesting experiment. BTW, I think that the WTT w/Reference tonearm now retails for ~$10K. Not such a bargain for that much money.
Thanks again for the responses - I didn't realize it now costs 10k. The motor idea sounds better already.