Well Tempered Ref. Arm

I've noticed that when I look at the arm,in the area where the strings attach to the paddle,I notice that the flat upper portion of the paddle - where the arm attaches thru it - does not sit perfectly parallel;it's tilted maybe 8-10 degrees from perfectly level.Is this a problem? Should this be perfectly level?
I have had two wtt and had the same with both arms. I can only guess that as long as the paddle is in the fluid its doing its job. I would also take a guess of why the paddle is not completley level with the fluid.This might be a cause of time and more slack at the other end dealing with the nylon treads. This is just an opinion from past ownership.
I owned a Classic for 10 years and I never ever saw the paddle seated at an angle as you have indicated unless I had recently moved the table and tilted it in doing so or unless you are moving the arm to the record in which case the paddle will momentarily be angled but should quickly settle back to a parallel plane. Is your TT level? Do you have enough fluid in the arm cup to cover the paddle evenly? Who set up the arm? Is the filament of equal length on both sides?
I'm confused by your question. Is this not corrected by the azimuth adjusting knob? Are you saying that when the azimuth is correct, the paddle is not parallel? And that when the paddle is parallel, the azimuth is wrong? Remember that if you are using the clamp, the LP surface is not flat, but dished and higher on the outer edge of the LP. If you adjust azimuth accordingly, the arm will appear tilted and not parallel to the fluid cup. Although it is parallel to the record surface.
Based on all the responses above let me elaborate. I'm guessing that where the arm goes thru the two upward protruding parts of the paddle the arm should be affixed (how it's placed in there and affixed I -- assume -- is a friction fit) so that the head shell,and thus the cartridge,would be parallel to the record surface ;and the paddle would also be parallel.It appears that my arm is not quite oriented correctly - which means that the paddle is canted somewhat in the fluid. Now, apparently it works fine because the azimuth looks fine but I guess I'm wondering if this less than perfect fabrication takes any toll on performance?
I understand what you are saying. Same answer as before. As I recall, azimuth is a seperate adjustment on this arm and probably has little if anything to do with your problem. The paddle being out of kilter has more to do with arm damping, anti-skate, and drop speed for the arm since there is no cuing.
I agree with HiFiharv. The platter is concave so the record slopes toward the spindle when clamped. The cartridge therfore should be slightly tilted to maintain the proper azimuth with the record groove. It would be normal then for the paddle to be slightly tilted in the fluid cup and NOT perfectly horizontal.
I have the arm on a VPI Super Scoutmaster with a Superplatter that appears to be perfectly flat. So, I don't believe this is the reason for the apparently skewed paddletop (I still stand by my explanation of 4/17/09). Furthur thoughts anyone?
I recently acquired a Well Tempered Labs Record Player. Circe early 90's. It's not the reference arm, it's the more plain, silver finished one fitted to the Stanalg WTLRP.

And i can report that my paddle is also cocked to the left (It's left side is higher when viewed from the user position)

This is the case even though the azimuth is correct. Which is to day it seems the arm tube is rotated as it passes through the paddle assembly. i have not tried to straighten it out.

I'll be interested to see if anyone comes along with advice.
Was hoping that there might be some more current observations on this point.